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Opposing Big Energy/LNG in Oregon

Portland will be the site for a Conference on "LNG Development in the Northwest." Energy industry reps will come from far and wide to discuss how to import natural gas for California in Oregon. LNG Opponents and renewable energy advocates will be holding our own forum on May 4, and a rally outside the conference on May 5. Details below.
To Portlanders Who Are Disgusted By Big Energy:

Coos Bay, Astoria, and the Lower Columbia river are being targeted for major LNG developments. LNG, to clarify, is liquefied natural gas. Natural gas is cooled to a highly condensed liquid form to facilitate shipping over long distances, and there are now 5 proposals to import massive quantities of LNG into Oregon. The proposals also incorporate lengthy pipelines to carry the natural gas to the interstate natural gas grid. In SW Oregon, for instance, PG&E, Williams Pipeline Co., and Fort Chicago (Canada) are proposing a 250-mile pipeline from North Bend to Malin, OR (south of K Falls). California is the target market for the Coos Bay proposal, in particular.
All over the West Coast, communities are fighting these major natural gas infrastructure projects for a variety of reasons. Many people are concerned with local public safety, economic, and environmental impacts. Others oppose LNG because introducing huge volumes of natural gas into our energy markets may displace more desirable, sustainable renewable alternatives (and the obvious need for conservation adn efficiency). Still others oppose LNG on grounds that the upstream impacts of natural gas development are severe, and regardless of U.S. need for natural gas it is unjust to import fossil fuels acquired through exploitative human rights, labor and environmental practices. (Personally, I oppose LNG for all of the above and a few more reasons that would take longer to explain.)
The RACE Coalition (Ratepayers for Affordable Clean Energy) is attempting to pull together these different interests to push the West Coast away from destructive fossil fuels and towards clean energy and conservation alternatives. Rory Cox, lead coordinator for the RACE Coalition, will be speaking in Portland on May 4 about how and why Oregon is being made an energy colony of California, how this relationship is replicated in much more pernicious forms in upstream source nations of LNG (such as Eastern Russia, the Peruvian Amazon, and Indonesia), and what the alternatives to LNG are for the West Coast.
Again and again, the oil and gas industries insist that conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy are unrealistic solutions to West Coast energy demand. Given the current climate of price gouging, resource-driven wars, environmental damage, and economic exploitation that prevails in the global energy industry, we assert that the continuation of our fossil fuel addiction is unwise and unrealistic.
LNG represents the future of the West Coast's addiction to fossil fuels. We will hold a rally to publicly point out the pitfalls of this approach and to give our own alternate vision.

For more info: lngwatch.com, oregonwaters.org, columbiarivervision.org

The announcements for the Portland events are below.

Public Announcement:
The Case Against LNG

On Thursday, May 4, there will be a presentation and discussion at Portland State University regarding the future of liquefied natural gas (LNG) development in the Pacific Northwest. Currently, there are multiple natural gas pipeline and LNG import terminals in planning stages that will import and transfer huge quantities of natural gas from overseas to the West Coast (i.e. California).

Rory Cox, lead coordinator of the RACE Coalition (Ratepayers for Affordable Clean Energy) will speak about alternatives to the California-driven LNG and pipeline proposals and why Oregonians should oppose these developments. His talk will include information on natural gas supply, demand and pricing, international impacts of LNG, and global warming. He will discuss the 250-mile PG&E pipeline across SW Oregon, and why LNG in Oregon has more to do with California's demand than Oregon's.

There will also be people from affected areas available to speak and answer questions about the impacts of these huge natural gas developments on the Oregon Coast, the Lower Columbia, and the pipeline routes. Please join us on:

Thursday, May 4. 6:30 p.m.
PSU. Smith Memorial Union. Room 296.
Event will be followed by a rally for clean energy and against LNG at a pro-LNG Law Conference at the Portland World Trade Center. 11 am on Fri, May 5.

Event is sponsored by the RACE Coalition, Oregon Sierra Club, PSU OSPIRG, Pacific Environment, Columbia Riverkeeper, Rivervision, and FLOW. For more information, contact FLOW at 251-3569 or  dserres@gmail.com.

Announcement for Rally ------


Join Us In Telling Big Energy Companies:

No To LNG, Yes To Conservation, Wind, and Solar.

Portland: May 5, 11 am.
World Trade Center: 121 SW Salmon Street

Guess who's coming to Portland! - Representatives of the natural gas industry will be descending on Portland for a conference to plan the development of new dangerous, environmentally unsound, and economically risky liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminals in the Pacific Northwest. 5 LNG import terminals are already in planning stages in Oregon; these proposals will deepen the Northwest's dependence on foreign fossil fuels by importing huge quantities of natural gas, further embroiling the Northwest in an destructive, exploitative global energy industry. Since the conference costs hundreds of dollars per person to attend, we are gathering to rally outside the conference and creatively display our vision for a cleaner, safer, and more affordable energy future.

The same companies that have brought us a painful dependence on expensive, manipulated oil and natural gas markets are planning to use Oregon for its new experiment in foreign fossil fuel dependence - large-scale LNG development. Capitalizing on high prices and instability in speculation-ridden markets (thank Enron), these companies are targeting Oregon as a throughway for California's natural gas supply. To learn more, we will also be holding a forum with Rory Cox from RACE (Ratepayers For Affordable Clean Energy) at PSU's Smith Memorial Union at 6:30 on May 4. (see oregonwaters.org for announcement).

Join Advocates of Clean Energy and Opponents of Local LNG and Pipeline Proposals As We Welcome the World's Biggest Energy Companies to Oregon!!

-Columbia Riverkeeper, Pacific Environment, Oregon Sierra Club, Rivervision (Astoria), Friends of Living Oregon Waters (FLOW), Ratepayers for Affordable Clean Energy (RACE). Contact: Dan Serres. 541-251-3569.  dserres@gmail.com.