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Where is the Anarchist Postal Service? Cascadia needs a Bioregional Communication Network

As oil prices rise and the Amerikan Fascist pry we need an Anarchist Postal Service through out the Cascadian Bioregion.
Seal of the APS
Seal of the APS
Dear AcK

Where is your Anarchist Postal Service?

Anarchist Postal Service issues statement
Anarchist Postal Service needs messengers!

In Gene Sharp's "The Methods of Nonviolent Action" (Boston 1973) lists as number one hundred and eighty that one tactic out of a serious could be an alternative communication system.

The Methods of Nonviolent Action
180. Alternative communication system
Sending to ack 30.Apr.2006 16:10


Im sending him this link. He'll write you back.

APS 06.May.2006 12:20


The anarchist postal service floats in limbo as far as I know. I personaly moved out of town to get some experience with sustainable food production. People are still emailing me about it though, there is more than enough interest to get things started and I would be overjoyed to see a group of people with some time and energy take this project and run with it. There are several bussinesses who would help out, Red & Black etc. When I move back to portland I will gladly help out as well.

Best of luck to anyone who puts in the time to get this project running. Portland needs it.