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9.11 investigation

FLIGHT 93: the propaganda movie - PDX Truth Alliance says, "Bull!"...Join us 7:45pm

Flight 93 (the one unintentionally shot down in rural Pennsylvania--the one that was supposed to hit WTC7...): Face down the sheeple in the opening night stampede designed to bolster their brainwashed belief and obedient hatred ... hand out DECEPTION DOLLARS with us ... capture audio of their befuddled reflex of denial ... bring your camcorders and whooppee cushions
opportunity not to be missed
opportunity not to be missed
We'll view the | FLIGHT 93 | 'Goebbels' wanna-be at 5:05pm screening, Lloyd Center (stand alone, not in-mall) Cinemas and caucus on what is obviously impossible, gather our 'unanswered questions' signs on street at entrance for 7:45pm screening, repair to a nearby internet cafe' during that screening, and return our presence at theatre at 10:30 pm conclusion to re-enforce message

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/04/338411.shtml
phone: phone: 503 287 3473 re 9/11
address: address: http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=17853

two thumbs down 28.Apr.2006 15:05


That monument to mediocrity, Roger Ebert, and his talking wart both gave it two thumbs up. So did that whore Joel Siegel on 'Good Mourning Amerika'. Fiction masquerading as reality in a movie has reached a new nadir indeed! Idiot Nation takes another step into the abyss of ignorance.

Flyers for the film here . . . 28.Apr.2006 15:36


1. 6-Panel pdf 'Flight 93' Flyer from 911Research
Folding flyer that highlights some of the omissions and contradictions in the official story of the crash of Flight 93. An HTML version of the flyer has hyperlinks to all the supporting references. Suitable for printing on both sides of an 8-1/2 X 11 sheet. Color or b/w.

2. 1-Page 'Flight 93' Fact Sheet from Digital Style Designs
Single page high resolution pdf with the clear and simple facts for a quick education on the street in b/w.

this guy right here 28.Apr.2006 19:02

just another rodentia citizen

Here's the pilot who fired two sidewinder missles into Flight 93. Rick Gibney, "Happy Hooligans" squadron out of Langley A.F.B., Virginia.

a little War Against Bullshit 28.Apr.2006 23:38


If you haven't seen Universal Pictures forum on the topic of this movie,
and you really need a laugh
then you should go visit:

there's a war going on!