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Reading Tony Blair's Email - The real reason for 'the war on terror'

A completely different take on the 'war on terror' and the related erosion of civil rights and democracy. The true target of the 'war on terror' are the younger generation, the protestors and the dissidents, who have filled the oligarches with such fear they are now bringing a police state and destroying civil rights, out of their fear that the contagion is likely to spread, and result in revolution.
The WSWS website featured a story which quoted an email exchange between Tony Blair and critics of the erosion of civil rights taking place in Britain under the guise of 'the war on terrorism'.

Britain: Blair denounces liberal critics for opposing attacks on democratic rights

Blair has been criticized for legislation, inlculding the erosion of the right to trail by jury, giving police the right to shoot to kill, and also rendering parliarment irrelevant by making it possible for a cabinet minister to suspend parliament, and also making it possible for cabinet ministers to simply pass legislation without the need to go through parliamentary procedures.

In Blair's email exchange he justifies the erosion of democratic norms, and the concentration of power in the hands of cabinet ministers by pointing out that when big business wants legislation passed, it is much more efficient and thus cheaper for business if they do not need to go through a lengthy parliamentary procedure, but rather can just get a cabinet minister to pass legislation for the agenda of big business. Blair wrote that going through parliamentary procedures is "a real problem for business. It costs money and causes hassle." For this reason democratic norms must be trashed in Britain and replaced by government by the decree of cabinet ministers, who also now have the right to simply suspend parliament. It is simply 'good business', for after all every business is run on fascist principles, and therefore bringing the government in line with the norms of the business world makes good economic sense.

In regards to the erosion of civil liberties and human rights taking place in Britain, as well as in all the other G-7 countries, Blair insisted that the 'war on terrorism' was not the real reason for the assault on democratic rights. He wrote that "terrorism requires a separate debate"." He then went on to describe how all these repressive measures were needed because today's young people have reduced future prospects due to the effects of globalization, and thus are becoming rebellious, and therefore the old forms of maintaining law and order are no longer viable, and need to be replaced with more draconian forms of policing society.

Blair insisted that criticism of the erosion of civil liberties characteristic of the previous century "shows how far out of touch much of the political and legal establishment" has become with the new reality in society, which now consists of "shifting communities, dysfunctional families, globalisation and myriad influences, not all benign, to which our young people are subject." All the older forms of democracy and civil liberties must be tossed aside on that the grounds that, as he wrote,"iIf the traditional processes were the answer to these crime and law and order problems that are an age away from Dixon of Dock Green and the stable communities of 50 years ago, then we wouldn't be having this debate. But they're not. They've failed." He describes the real targets of the legistlation supposedly part of the 'war on terrorism' as being "gangs of youth," "vandals," people "who play their music loud until 2am; who vilify anyone who asks them to stop," and young people who do not "treat others with courtesy and good manners." The real reason for the 'anti-terrorism' legislation was that young people have a " loss of respect... in order to get it back, we have to alter our traditional way of thinking and doing, then people, and I mean wholly reasonable, moderate people, will make a very conscious decision to do just that."

In order to prevent marginalized young people who no longer have the prospect of the same good jobs and careers their parents had turning to revolutionary politics, therefore Blair is proposing the erosion of civil liberties, a tough police state, and the destruction of democracy, all of which will be needed to protect the fortunes of the British aristorcracy from waves of increasingly alienated and revolutionary youth, who will not be as tranquil as their parents as their prospects are destroyed by neo-liberalism and globalization processes. This is no doubt the exact same rational for the 'war against terrlorism' in other countries, notably the United States, whose economic position is the worst and where, after two decades of the decimation of the industrial sector and the economy, prospects are equally bleak for the upcoming younger generation who can now no longer be counted upon to maintain the tranquil and passive attitudes that characterized their parent's generation.

What is unique about Tony Blair's email is the frankness with which he discusses the real reasons for the anti-terrorism legislation. 'Lord Steyn, chair of the civil rights group Justice, where the former law lord asked "whether foreign governments have used 9/11 as cover to justify their crackdown on human rights."' According to Blair's frank discussion of the matter, this is exactly what is happening, and the true target of the anti-terrorism legislation are all those young people who are found protesting the IMF and the World Bank or the meetings of the G-8, who are only the first of a wave of young people who have 'lost respect' and are now no longer showing the same deference, politeness and courtesy to authority figures that was characteristic of earlier generations.

It is no shock to me to 'discover' that the 'war on terror' is actually a cover story for counter revolutionary activities, since this has always been obvious to me, but it is a refeshing change of pace to hear one of those politicians who are leading the counter attack speaking so frankly and, for the first time in years, no longer resorting to devious lies and distortions, but just finally telling the plain and simple truth.

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