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buffalofieldcampaign.org Call to action

volunteers with hearts intact welcome! Looking back at my past 3 seasons working for the Buffalo Field Campaign, I realized how much those who advocate for the wild resort to learning the language of the bureaucrats and the economists to save what they love. If the forest is to be left uncut or the river left undammed, the alternative must save money or have some sort of benefit for humans. Then, and only then, do the trees remain standing and the salmon swim upstream to spawn.

Likewise, when people who fight for the buffalos' inherent right to migrate towards greener grass try to convince politicians and lobby groups, they are forced to communicate with facts and statistics, bar graphs and spreadsheets. They are forced to play the game. There are many reasons why the buffalo pose an almost non-existent threat to cattle in the areas west of the park border and why they should have access to land that elk and deer graze. So, right now, I will not continue to play their game of numbers. Right now, I will bare my heart.

The buffalo that wander out of Yellowstone National Park deserve access to whatever lands they choose. Yes, deserve. They are sentient beings, having thoughts and feelings and dreams, having a language and friends and a community. They were born with the same rights to freedom and life that we were. The buffalo mothers and their new born calves are entitled to rest and love, without being chased by wannabe cowboys trying to protect cattle that aren't even there.

buffalo mother's day
buffalo mother's day
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