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May 1 rally video network... pass it on

Anyone with a video camera and planning to video tape the May 1 immigrant rights rally can get their video to anyone in the world who wants to see it as soon as the video is ready. Just upload your video to this site and your video gets broadcasted:  http://mediarights.org/may1/
Let's see what each other's city is up to. The bigger the rallies, the better. and i think that televising the event from left and right makes the rallies bigger!

Pass it on!

homepage: homepage: http://mediarights.org/may1/

Remember Not to Post Anything Incriminating! 27.Apr.2006 15:13


Just a word of advice, don't post anything that you think could harm another or be used as evidence against them in court. Lots of video from the streets that has made it's way onto the internet has fallen into the hands of the police many times before. Just be aware of this fact and try not to let history repeat itself. :)

If you have a bad feeling about it, then by all means don't post it. Trust your gut.

Other then that I think posting anything to a website such as this rally will be awesome. Video takes up A LOT of bandwidth and disk space, so more power to the people who are opening their arms to video that are on the side of social change.

Another place you can go to if you have any video of the rally that shows any harrassment, abouse, statements of harm, or just people walking around peacefully is the PLDN (Portland Legal Defense Network) which is currently a collective group of people pooling video to help people in criminal and civil cases.

So if you don't know what to do with your tape and want help out after the rally you can drop it off at:

1020 SW Taylor St., Ste. 449 (on the fourth floor across the street on the south side of the downtown library).

Contact:  lucciblue@yahoo.com

Videoistas Unite 01.May.2006 09:47


Yahoo! Also, if you would be interested in editing a video with others who have footage of the days events, you might try contacting the portland indy video collective at  videoresistance@riseup.net. I know these folks are very busy right now with lots of video projects, but they may be interested in working with people on this as well.

another way to share migrant rights videos 03.May.2006 01:04


You can also check out videobomb, where everything tagged 'noborders' gets into a channel that is available for people using the Democracy video player. Check it out:  http://videobomb.com/tags/show/noborders