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Eric's First Vegan Meal

After over 100 days of incarceration Eric McDavid has finally received his
first vegan meal.
His first meal was 2 peanut butter sandwiches,
vegetables cooked plain, plain rice, fruit,carrot sticks, and a salad!
After weeks of sickness his health has finally started to improve. He was
finally seen by a doctor as well(that did little other than take his blood
and urine). He has received vegan food for the last few days but his
lawyers are still working to get some garauntee that he will continue to
be provided vegan food. He is doing much better now that he can finally
eat. After months of struggle this is a big victory for Eric and his
supporters. We will continue to monitor and report on the situation to
help ensure that Eric continues to be given nutritious vegan food.