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Schumacher Furs Stalking Order Trial, Friday, 4/28, 9 am

Trial on Nicholas Krahmer (of Schumacher Furs) stalking order agains Jonathan Mills tomorrow, Friday, April 28 at 9 am, Courtroom 338, Multnomah County Courthouse, 1021 SW 4th Avenue, Portland.
The trial for Schumacher Furs employee Nicolas Krahmer's stalking order against protester Jonathan Mills is scheduled for tomorrow morning, Friday, April 28, at 9 a.m. in front of Judge Douglas Beckmann in Courtroom 338, Multnomah County Courthouse, 1021 SW 4th Avenue, Portland.

Krahmer filed a stalking order against Mills after the March 4 protests, where Mills and Clout Tolstoy were arrested (and brutalized) by Sgt. Larry Graham.

I believe Mr. Mills was engaged in constitutionally protected speech, and that his behavior does not warrant the issuance of a stalking order against him. That issue will be before Judge Beckmann tomorrow.

The public is invited to come to give Mr. Mills moral support. Please observe the decorum of the court; if there is anything legally suspect that Schumacher Furs wants to introduce, I will be there to object to its introduction.

This doesn't make any sense 27.Apr.2006 17:01

Just curious

Aaron, will this be a jury trial? Any more information you can provide? Is the dude that brought the stalking charge the same one that might be a felon? What constitutes "stalking?" Any way you turn this it doesn't come up stalking.

Bench trial. 27.Apr.2006 17:27

Aaron R. Varhola, Esq.

Trial in front of a judge, and I believe there's strong enough case law to prevent the order from being continued, specifically because an action has to be an unequivocal threat to be classified as "stalking", and the person has to objectively believe the person can carry out that threat.

One answer 27.Apr.2006 17:28

Stop Cruelty stopcruelty@gmail.com

Yes, the individual which requested the restraining order, Nicholas Krahmer, is the one that is suspected to be an ex-con.

any news on how this went? 28.Apr.2006 12:30


I couldn't make it. And oh yes, Nick is the ex-con (not that I have anything against people renewing their lives, but they don't need to do it in fur stores where these animals suffer far more than they ever will).

Couldn't Make It 28.Apr.2006 13:22

So Wanted To know

Any word yet on the trial?

Nick 28.Apr.2006 17:11

red hatter

Nick did 70 months for attempted murder and was released in 2004.
He was the first inmate in Oregon to receive an LCD screen tv in his cell.
It makes sense that a store that sells murdered animals would hire a person that has attempted to murder.

What Goes Around Comes Around 28.Apr.2006 19:00

Amused By The Irony Of It All

Whoa, wait just a minute! Are you telling us that Bad Boy Nick ( AKA Pretty Boy Nick in the Big House)is a convicted felon, having served time in prison for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, burglary and assault? Did I leave anything out?
His claim that a young lad stalked him, although there was never any contact other than that at the Saturday protests and never any verbal threat or act of physical violence, yet, Nicky claims he felt himself to be in physical danger and was fearful of this young man who is half his size.
AHH! Now that is truly poetic justice at its finest. Maybe now Nick can feel some of the fear and intimidation that HIS victims felt when he actually did physically assault them.
I have no knowledge of this 70 months sentence for 'attempted murder'. It makes for an interesting story but can it be substantiated. Not saying it ain't true but would like additional proof. Greg and Linda Schumacher sure know how to pick 'em (look who they married). Could Nick be a relative of theirs, he certainly fits the height requirement.

outcome? 29.Apr.2006 10:00

Daylate Dollarshort

Woulda showed up con mucho gusto but didn't see this post until Saturday. So how did it turn out?

Judge Extended the Stalking Order 29.Apr.2006 10:14

Aaron R. Varhola, Esq.

Unfortunately, the judge ruled against Jonathan Mills. I believe the judge let in too much extraneous information, and will discuss an appeal with Mills.

In the meantime, every other person is welcome to protest, and Mr. Mills can even protest against Nicholas Ungar Furs, Saks Fifth Avenue (who *always* was advertising fur in the New York Times this winter) or other stores.

About Krahmer's criminal convictions - you are allowed to introduce evidence of felony convictions or misdemeanors involving dishonesty to attack a witness' credibility. Krahmer was sentenced to 70 months in prison in May 2000 for attacking a woman with a knife - he was convicted of Assault 2, Assault 4, and Unlawful Use of a Weapon. He was previously convicted of Failure to Perform the Duties of a Driver and DUII, as well as Attempted Burglary and Unauthorized Use of A Motor Vehicle.

how many sets of books does nick keep for the schumachers 29.Apr.2006 19:54

nick is just a lackey for them

just a thought, but could someone who has the know how and the time contact nick's parole officer in washington county and describe the duties that nick is seen regularly performing during the saturday protests (escorting patrons from the store to their cars, acting as linda schumacher's personal body guard when she has errands to run, exiting the store and taking pictures of the protesters). does not sound like the duties of an accountant. come to think of it has anyone ever seen him with a calculator, a laptop or even a pad and pencil? why is an accountant in the store every saturday hanging out with the gang at the front counter? has anyone ever seen good old nick there on any other day of the week? if it is true that a convicted felon cannot hold a job as a security guard then maybe it is time that someone puts a bug in the parole officer's ear. all is fair in love and fur wars.