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Rich CorporateSon, Inc. for Oregon Governor

Oregon is always at the leading edge of social change. Since corporations largely run our government, doesn't it make sense to eliminate the middle man and run a corporation for Governor? We do.
Rich CorporateSon Inc. Announces Candidacy for Oregon Governorship

As a result of corporate media consolidation, a multibillion dollar a year lobbying industry, and increasingly unregulated campaign finance laws, our government is now run largely by special interests. This is not enough. For the sake of efficiency, we have come together to cut out the middleman, incorporate, and take direct control of the government. Join our historic campaign as the first corporation to run for Governor of Oregon. With your help, we will create an empire of, by, and for the shareholders.

ABOUT Rich CorporateSon Inc.

Rich CorporateSon, Inc. Is an Oregon chartered corporation (register #35090091) created to take American politics to the next level. It is our dream to create an empire of, by, and for the shareholders.



What's more important, freedom from abuse or freedom to make a profit? Help protect our bottom line.

The protection of humans often comes at the terrible cost of others' freedoms. By protecting the so-called "right" not to be abused in the workplace, the government is taking away an employer's freedom to conduct business in the most profitable manner. This is not to say the the arbitrary "right" of people not to be enslaved doesn't have its place in society; however, the rights of capital holders must always take precedence.

This same logic applies to the rights of animals. While Rich CorporateSon, Inc. fully supports laws against the random abuse of animals, these laws become discriminatory, and themselves abusive, when the animals are being abused for financial gain. All laws regulating practices in factory farms violate the corporation's freedom to maximize profit.


A tree saved is revenue lost.


Boy oh boy do we have it bad! Although corporations only pay some 5% of Oregon taxes (down from 19% in 1975), we won't rest until the burden is placed 100% on middle class families!


Don't let anyone tell you universal healthcare will solve your problems! Americans paying huge sums of money to pharmaceuticals is as American as apple pie!* (*Apple Pie is a registered tradmark of Whata Crocker, Inc.)


Get the best return on your children, incorporate them today.

Comparative advantage says that each person, or groups of persons, should focus their efforts on the area in which they are comparatively better than others. The current educations system, however, places the most gifted and privileged children with the most poor and meek, thus wasting billions of dollars a year training children who will probably fail anyway.

We propose that a set of rigorous tests be taken in the early stages of development -around the age of 3 or 4- to determine physical, mental, and emotional traits. These traits, when factored with a child's family history and financial background, will determine their aptitude. This will allow us to place children in training camps sponsored by the corporation for which they are most suited to work.

This new, more efficient method of student training is estimated to cost taxpayers only billions of dollars more a year.


Read my latest interview here:  link to ecporegon.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.votecorporate.org

HALLELUJAH ! 27.Apr.2006 14:51

Chester Investor

What a great day for the highest achievement of mankind :


go get 'em boy !