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is the boiling point here yet?

So has the Empire got you down? Are you nervous about cost of living? Do you have enough for tuition? Do you see a future? How is your debt? Is homelessness near or already a fact? Have we had the success in Iraq and the "war" on "terror"? Have the cost of fuel changed your shopping habbits?

What will finally break the back of the beast of American apathy is ......
Way before Katrina hit New Orleans and the BlackWater mercenaries potralled the streets I posted in this forum. Way before fuel prices and cost of living shot up I posted warning in this forum.

Maybe it is time to revisit that and ponder whether we collectively will survive this onslaught of stupidity and apathy:

Six months it takes for Bush's bankruptcy act to come into being and is there a rush to declare bankruptcy? How many bankruptcy lawyers are there? Even now the banks and credit lenders salivate as they send their customers new rules on interests and penalties. Soon the fluxuating oil prices which had been artificially low in this country will cause the cost of living to elevate. Will your pay rise with that? Will the institutions ... the schools, police departments, local governments, social services survive the economic crunch with the budget cuts?

Is that what the corporatists want? Riots, higher crime rate and homelessness so they can declare martial law? So they can replace disloyal police with DynCorp officers?

We need only wait and soon the streets will swell with middle class refugees ... former patriotic lower class and angery military families and even disenfranchised police ... disenfranchised by the corporate greed that has murdered the illusion of democracy and prey on the corpses of families and communities dying economic collapse as the rich laugh at the homeless veterans, child prostitutes and families locked in a spiraling cycle of violence and depression.

But to sit and wait as this imperialist system collapses or for the declaration of martial law by Fascists is just as bad as the corporatists who lick their lips at the suffering that they reap. We need to educate and create networks. We need to create networks to feed, cloth, house, educate and assist those falling to the streets. We should act now so as to build a new foundation for a new way ... a new paradigm ... one of social networks, social responsiblity, true democracy, cooperativism, ecological sustainablity and sustainable responsible economies ... a future where racism, sexism, ageism, abilitism, nationalism, classism, specism and all the other -isms of hate will become merely something we read of in history books and talk of as being in the bad old days. A paradigm where we become human beings again as opposed to human "do-ings". A worlview that sees the trees and other animals as syblings and not as property to be used for profit. Where the artist, the craftperson, the poet, the cook and all those who endeavour to create are revered as priest/esses of creativity and not as slaves to a pay check. We have an oppertunity to become something new ... something different ... a synthesis of the best of the old worlds and with a new vision of what "we" are as a species ... as members of a biodiverse network of communities on a living planet.

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Nervous, perhaps, but not boiling yet. 27.Apr.2006 10:26


Where the tipping point is? We won't know until it's already passed. There are steps that can be taken, but that would require admitting that there is a problem. The people in charge will not admit the problem exists.

temperature 27.Apr.2006 13:40


it seems people will have to sucomb to increasing privation or reject society in its totality. the social bases that are truly at issue: private property instead of public and "personal" use, labor that creates use and reality rather than exchange and representation, power relationships and the heirarchical social question. It seems the age old question of whether humans will love their life is no longer an issue, because it appears they will be compelled to love it, or perish.

fight with love of life for deep happiness (fulfilling work, love, life) that plumbs the source of your spirit, we'll be looking for you!