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Multnomah County Sheriff Election - 2 Candidates to Consider

Ballots will be arriving soon and I'm sure people are interested in voting out the current corrupt sheriff of Multnomah County so here are 2 candidates to read up on. One is a write-in, and the other will be on the ballot and both have some interesting things to say so check their statements in their own words.
Paul Van Orden (write in candidate)

Monday April 24, 2006 A few weeks ago I made the decision to officially run a write in campaign against Bernie G, the current Sheriff. It has been amazing to have an opportunity to share my knowledge of the many dysfunctional elements of our criminal justice system in Multnomah County. All of the folks in the community I had met with for coffee, met in their homes or met on their porches, and out at community events have been wonderfully receptive. I thank you for believing in the Underdog.

As we began the campaign, we all realized that few people were closely watching the questionable activity at the Office of Multnomah Sheriff. I decided that the efforts of running a write-in campaign could be instrumental in keeping the dialog open in regards to the fiscal waste and utter embarassment that my opponent has brought to the Sheriff's Office.

Bernie is a national symbol of embarassment for corrections officers, police officers, Deputies, environmental law enforcement , and all the rest of us working in the criminal justice system and in community policing.

Our goal is simple: As engaged citizens, we plan to work to bring honor back to the Office of Multnomah County Sheriff and to improve the fiscal responsibility of the Sheriff's Office in a county with so many talented citizens who still find themselves unemployed.

Win or lose, we are not going away.


Bernie is not a choice. He is a liability. As sheriff he gave his colleagues our money, in the form of wasted overtime dollars. We all agree he has made poor fiscal decisions in the face of a budget crisis over jail beds. How else has he has wasted our very scarce tax dollars? We won't know until he is gone.



Don DuPay

Multnomah County Sheriff's deputies work for you. Under my administration they will answer to YOU! I will remove the mystery of policing by having as many citizen observers in the partrol cars as in the jails as possible. Citizens, the press or other individuals will accompany and observe every raid and then report their observations to the sheriff directly. This idea fits in with my brand of "community policing." Put willing citizens into the police operations. Make them an integral part of the sheriff's office

The sheriff's salary is $110,000 a year. I will donate $30,000 of that salary to social service projects. I would like to see the unused jail accommodate the homeless. I am willing to pay the electric bill on the place if that's is what it takes. The homeless in the county will be treated with respect, and given resource
information. Homeless camps in the county will not be swept without a cadre of social workers to help in the transition.

I have observed the increasing militarization of the police with great dismay. The unfortunate image of the police is a shaved head, a jump suit and jack boots. I want to change that image!! Citizens don't want soldiers, they want police. It wasn't that way when I worked the streets in the '60's, and it doesn't need to be that way today. That image contributes to the "wee-they" disparity between the cops and the folks they police! The swat team has a place, but every deputy doesn't need to look like GI Joe.

I am not a politician by nature. This job chose me. My television fans demanded that I run. People that know me encouraged me because they know I will bring a breath of fresh air into law enforcement and the Sheriff's office. I' M HONEST ABOVE ALL! Bernie Giusto must go!!


Bernie Must Go 27.Apr.2006 07:53

A Multnomah County Voter

Don DuPay has my vote!

grand jury audit of multnomah co. corrections 27.Apr.2006 08:34


included audit of sheriff's dept expenditures... this is a grand jury a friend of mine was on through the month of november '06 - they visited jails and audited records... and found out some pretty interesting info.

yes, it seems there have long been some problems within the sheriff's dep't...


Write in van Orden! 27.Apr.2006 10:36


I believe that Bernie Giusto has not shown the leadership necessary for the job, in both his professional and personal life.

He has allowed the Wapato Jail to sit idle while car prowlers and meth heads go free, and immigration holds get sent to outlying jails far from their lawyers in Portland.

He has also engaged in questionable moral behavior in forcing the Citizens' Crime Commission's Jim Jeddeloh to leave town for rehab so he can get involved with Jeddeloh's wife, Lee. See articles:


I believe that Paul van Orden will be a needed change in the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. Giusto's behavior has been nothing short of sleazy in his affairs with Lee Jeddeloh and Margie Goldschmidt.

It's Time For The Marijuana Underground To Come Out And Vote 30.Apr.2006 12:06

Don DuPay-candidate for Multnomah County Sheriff dupay2006@yahoo.com

I have always talked about what I call the Marijuana underground, those of you that watch our Cannabis Common Sence tv show. You are the nearly 200,000 people that come out to Hemp fest in Seattle, hundreds of you from here in Portland, the hundreds that came to our own Hempstalk festival in Waterfront Park, the hundreds that attend and march in the Million Marijuana parade here on May 6. You including the short haired folks in 3 pc suits that are still in the closet for fear of losing your jobs, I understand your need for anonymity. You can march anonymously with a paper bag over your head if you wish.

And getting to my point, Oregon has the ultimate anonymity in its vote by mail elections. You can sitin the privacy of your home and mark your ballot and then let the mail man deliver it for you!!!

You in the underground have an opportunity this election cycle to change the way the state does business, the city of Portland does business and the way the County sheriff does business.

I'm voting for Joe Keating, the Green party candidate for governor. He will be a bully for getting industrial hemp and hemp for seed oil to run our cars right here in Oregon. As Sheriff I will see that all Sheriff's bus's run on biofuel. Keating will follow the advice of a blue ribbon panel and pardon those in Oregon prisons for marijuana offenses.As Sheriff I will not arrest of accept as prisoners in my jail, people cited for marijuana offenses. There will be no raids on medical marijuana growing sites when I am Sheriff. People are entitled to grow their medicine.

Chris Iverson as City Councilman will push the biofuel sustainability to the front burner. His Safer Portland initiave will make marijuana enforcement the lowest priority for the police freeing up even more scarce police resources.

As Sheriff I will immediately remove all tazers from use. Remove any officers involved in the Partrot act.
Not allow raids on medical marijuana grow sites. I will push to use Wapato as a treatment center for meth addicts. I will be looking to reduce or eliminate the fee charged citizens to acquire a concealed weapons permit.
And one more thing...an immediate audit of the evidence locker.

Come to the pre parade party and fund raiser on Friday May 5 at Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy. Food Music etc.
I want to meet you.

Don DuPay