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Carrie Dann - Western Shoshone Defense Project

Carrie Dann at PSU - Monday
Carrie Dann will be here in Portland for Native American Cultural Awareness Month and is scheduled to speak at the rally on Monday, May 1st to speak about indigenous rights issues and human rights and later on in the evening that same day at the Native American Student and Community Center she will speak about the Western Shoshone Defense Project.

phone: phone: 503 725 5671

when/where? 27.Apr.2006 05:26


What time and what hall will she be speaking at?

If there were quarter sheets made up, they could be handed out at the Mayday festivities...!!!

Carrie Dann 27.Apr.2006 17:56


Carrie will be speaking in the Park Blocks not in a hall at the rally for immigrants rights.

Right on, thanks for the details! 27.Apr.2006 21:00


So where is the place she's going to be speaking at in the evening?

Carrie Dann 28.Apr.2006 09:55

Rudy Soto - UISHE Coordinator

She will be speaking at the Native American Student and Community Center at 6pm