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Schumacher Furs Protest Report (Earth Day), April 22

About 40 people joined us at Schumacher Furs throughout Saturday to protest the fur industry's cruel treatment of animals. We chanted enthusiastically, leafleted, did street theater, made chalk drawings of animals on the sidewalk, and ate vegan food (bagels and toppings, brownies, blueberry muffins, and doughnuts donated to us by Voodoo doughnuts).

It was a good-natured protest, and many passers-by thanked us for our presence and stopped to watch our video of how animals are used for the fur industry. And, despite the invitation by certain AM radio hosts for masses of their listeners to come down and give us a hard time or to counter-protest, that really hasn't come to pass, as people who like fur coats seem to be as apathetic about supporting Schumacher in their unethical business as they are about animal cruelty. However, one man in an old red Corvette convertible pulled up to us and stopped. He started berating us for protesting, while his little white terrier with blue ribbons on her head watched curiously from her fluffy cream-colored dog car seat. The man told us how much he loved fur. One of us pointed out that in China his little dog could legally be beaten to death and made into fur (and then sold in the international fur trade). The man then yelled out a string of obscenities as he peeled out, literally leaving a cloud of smoke. As he sped off, the little dog jumped up in apparent fright, her eyes wide.
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