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Amanda Fritz LIVE on Got Soul Radio Wed. April 26 3pm

welcoming you to participate in a live studio interview with Amanda Fritz, candidate for Portland City Council. Wednesay April 26 at 3pm on Portland Indymedia Web Radio.
AOL Instant Message: portlandimcradio
From Amanda's campaign website  http://www.amandafritzforcitycouncil.com/

"For 20 years, I've been an activist and an advocate, making a difference in neighborhoods, schools, parks, and holding development accountable to the Portland way. My experience is in Portland from the citizens' perspective - an 'outsider' helping others get what they need from government - and I'm proud of my record of getting results."

Tune in to listen to Amanda tackling the tough issues facing our community and telling us a bit about herself and why she's running for office. Could she become the beacon of hope to benefit our bustling boroughs? Find out next time on Got Soul Radio? April 26, 2006!

Participate in the discussion by e-mail, phone, or AOL IM at 3pm Pacific


AOL Instant Message: portlandimcradio

homepage: homepage: http://gotsoulradio.blogspot.com/
phone: phone: 503-715-0994

Go Amanda! 26.Apr.2006 22:13


if you believe that voting is a way to make a change, then consider amanda fritz for city commissioner. saltzman would rather use our city dollars to fund trams we wont use and will have to pay for and bury more resevoirs out of fear of terrorists. amanda is a hearty soul, with smarts to speak out and the decency of one who is supported by the neighborhoods, to listen to the people before spending our money on monorails and jackalopes.