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Rob los Ricos Communique 4/23

In a letter dated April 23, 2006, Rob says..."Please let anyone who cares know that no one is authorized to speak on my behalf, make demands in my name or otherwise represent me in anyway...
In a letter dated April 23 2006, Rob says "Please let anyone who cares know that no one is authorized to speak on my behalf, make demands in my name or otherwise represent me in anyway. If anyone has any questions, please refer them to me."

Rob's mailing address is: MCCF, Rob Thaxton #12112716, 4005 Aumsville Highway, Salem OR 97301.

There is a specific way to send him money to his prison account. I do not have this info here but money orders made out to Rob Thaxton #12112716 can be mailed to ... and he will receive it.

Thanks for any support at this time, River

hmmmm 26.Apr.2006 19:34

kirsten anderberg

I *was* told to speak on his behalf, to try to get him housing, etc. BY HIM on April 15, 2006 in person.
I said, "I do not feel comfortable speaking on your behalf" and he said "why not?"
He asked me to try to hunt down money for him and to get them to send it to me so I could help him with housing.
I have that in HIS handwriting from within the last few weeks.
But I don't have time to figure this odd communique out.
I asked things be sent to me because Rob was freaking out saying he needed help so he did not end up in homeless or in the Mission 2 weeks ago.
Apparently I do not have a clue what is going on regardless of the daily letters he writes or what he has said in person,
so I am bowing out now and I will send whoever wants anything sent to me to whoever wants it.
Apparently Rob does not want or need the help he asked for repeatedly in letters I have and I have other things I need to do so that is fine with me.
Perhaps I will publish the Rob Letters someday as a book. I know I am certainly lost!!! LOL!

Wait, I see the problem here... 26.Apr.2006 21:18


I just realized where a miscommunication went down here...
When I said I wanted people to mail MONEY ORDERS or CHECKS IN HIS NAME *for housing* to a new Seattle POBOx, I *in no way* meant to say that HIS ADDRESS was that POBox and I think that may have caused confusion. I meant we needed to get money in my hands if I was supposed to get him housing, thus the new POBox, A NEW FUNDRAISING ADDRESS ONLY, was given just for quick accessiblity to HOUSING FUNDS since time is ticking here.
The idea was he needed money for housing, so I was drumming up publicity and money for him, and I would take the checks TO HIM to have him deposit, sign, etc them, BUT the idea was to get money IN HAND FOR HOUSING ASAP.
There are some problems re it seems his money needs to be held outside the prison accounts for full accessibility but I may be wrong on that.
Anyway, I never meant to speak FOR Rob, but rather speaking up on his behalf, and I never meant anyone to think his prison address for mail was wrong. My point was if *I* was going to get him housing, money was needed and I had already spent time trying to track down money from benefits that never got to him and so I tried to drum up funds fo rhis housing via an article. But I can see how some thought I was saying HIS new address was the Seattle POBox and that was not what I meant. And the only reason I was asking the money be sent to the POBox is that is where he asked I have the benefit money I tracked down sent and since I was the one supposedly getting him housing...the money was a crucial part of that housing thing. But with this posting, I will have to wait and see what Rob says. He was despondent and worried about homelessness and I felt I needed to take the bull by the horns. I did ask him to write a statement and he did not want to, saying he felt no one cared what he said, so I tried to write a third party article, best I could, while trying to secure housing for him within the next two months, which may sound a lot easier than it will be, and it doesn't sound easy!

Anyway, I never meant to speak for Rob nor did I ever mean to say HIS address was the POBox in Seattle, not the one in Salem. I MEANT to say if I am to get him housing, people need to send housing checks in his name to me so we have his housing money in hand...but if he has housing under wraps now, then anything sent to me for him will just be handed to him and no harm done.

Rob los ricos account info 28.Apr.2006 12:57


There is no reason to take anything personal. I made no specific reference to you Kirsten. It is not easy supporting a person who is incarcerated and it takes time to learn about ways to offer support.
It is robvious that you meant well.
When a person has to rely solely on others it can be frustrating for all involved.
Rob needs unconditional support at this time.

We have had a po box for years that is still available for anyone to send money or if they want to get a message to rob.
Rob los Ricos, PO Box 50634, Eugene OR 97405
He also has a bank savings account at OUR Federal Credit Union in Eugene.
I forgot once again to bring the prison central trust address.

rob is sending a statement River 28.Apr.2006 19:04

kirsten anderberg

River, Rob is mailing you a statement.
He apologized in a letter to me today for this mess re your posting this.
You *do not* know about everyone's personal life,
Yet you are speaking as if you do.
*You* are speaking *for* Rob,
and *I* wish you would stop doing that.
You *do not* have all the puzzle pieces, my dear.

RLR Prisoner Support 30.Apr.2006 20:25


I received a note today with Rob saying he was glad you were there for him.

Prisoner support is in the title because sometimes one has to act on very little info and that is what i did. please understand that i do support you and Rob and sometime we can talk about being a single parent and low income working mom then be a friend to people in prison.
Told you not to take it personally. Solidarity.

thank you 01.May.2006 04:42

kirsten anderberg

I understand the misunderstanding and
how hard it is to do all this with only the US Mail.
I am glad to see this getting resolved though...
Thank you, River.