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Here's the video

A video showing one of the steal beems being cut on the first tower to come down on Sept 11, 2001.
The prisonplanet.com hotlink takes you to an explination page. Just under the blue "show video" hot button is the actual google video.

Both hyperlinks are:


 link to video.google.com

umm...wow! 26.Apr.2006 07:18


I watched the video - it's embedded in Flash and I can't save it to my folder.

It's truly astonishing footage.

I would like a copy for my hard drive.

Barnum Bailey was wrong. 20.Jun.2006 14:43


When 911 occurred, instinctually I had suspicions of why and who. Nice to see evidence slowly coming forth to validate what has always been obvious. In particular, I would like to know why the 'Crime Scene' of metal debris was so swiftly exported far away and out of the country for permanent destruction.
Perhaps the time has come to change the rules that allow elected officials and higher entities to carry on their attack against humanity. And for sure, why in this modern day would anyone trust those with vested interests (such as oil) to lead a country and its people? We all know what the outcome will be, or don't we yet.
Not unlike the one armed bandits of electronic voting, that was really obvious as well.
I have much to say, though too little time. People; stand strong and brave, the enemy is within.

When?!?!? 20.Jun.2006 22:14

Chuck in IN chief_kissumbutt@sbcglobal.net

When are the people of this Country going to wake up to the fact that there are Tyrants running this country, hell bent on destroying not only the United States as we know it, but it`s people? The corrupt administration has to go...if we as free citizens stand a chance of saving this once free nation. We all need to wake up before it`s too late...but it might be too late already, sad to say. God Bless America...and have Mercy on all of us!

Credibility and Spell Check 21.Jun.2006 07:17


Considering the importance of the vital information reported here, it would seem that the use of Spell Check to eliminate the misspelling of such simple words as "explanation" and "causes", would lend more credibility to the message.

a country of sheep 24.Jun.2006 01:13


Unfortunately we have turned into a country of sheep and simply follow along as those in power dictate and what becomes of us that resist, slowly, they will find ways to discredit or we'll just be "disappeared". We are no longer the land of the free and home of the brave, perhaps we never were - more willing to sacrifice our freedoms for the safety of our hides.

It's not a Flash...it's a FLV...and ya don't need the google viewer... 24.Jun.2006 12:09

MacGregor...Despite Them!

In Re: AP

When you watched the video on Google...it left a FLV file in your Temp Internet File folder...so, it is on your HD...Google claims you need their viewer to download and watch it, but that is not true...Just drag it out of the TIF folder...download FLVPlayer from www.martjndevisser.com...it's only 1 MB...and watch it w/o the scary EULA that comes with the Google Viewer...Peace be with you!

Sheeple 26.Jun.2006 12:11


It is true, you are being herded like sheep by folks more clever than yourselves.

During a time of war, we wage propaganda efforts on the enemy to confuse them, divide them and break down their resolve to fight back. We can clearly see such efforts being waged against the American public now.

This thermite issue is rather funny - and demonstrates the utter gullibility of a large portion of the population.

This link is apparently one of the sources of the conspiracy theories. It clearly states a cause for 'molten' steel in the debris pile:

'The USGS Spectroscopy Lab produced images which showed dense thermal hot spots days and weeks after the attacks. ABC News reported that, "the temperature at the core of "the pile," is near 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, according to fire officials, who add that the fires are too deep for firefighters to get to."'

Yes, there was a furnace effect down deep in the pile for quite a long time. Yet, the author makes the ridiculous claim this is 'proof' of thermite. He expects his readers to be unaware that thermite burns out very quickly and does NOT last for weeks.

Another 'proof' is the angle-cut beam in the photo behind the firefighter. Only to the most stupid would this be proof of thermite-cutting.

Fact: The firefighter is at about ground level. The collapse point was 80 stories up, where the plane hit, not where he is standing.

Fact: Work crews went in with cutting torches and specifically do those angle-cuts to cause a vertical beam to fall where they want it to, rather like lumberjacks do with trees. The writer on this site expects fools to fall for his assertion the picture shows proof of thermite cutting.

Really, this whole thing would make me laugh if I did not see so many people being sucked into the game. Instead, it makes me afraid that Americans are becoming dumbed down sheep, easily herded to and fro by just about anyone.

Operation Mind Crime 26.Jun.2006 18:03

tax payer

Re: "It is true, you are being herded like sheep by folks more clever than yourselves."

Well, whadayaknow.
Change your perspective for a moment and understand why the people no longer trust the government, their people their action, their Bull S_it, their spin and deception.
When you play with peoples minds and emotions, upset their families and security, don't expect trust. When you take the money from their wallets and spend it frivolously, expect reluctance.
See that the people are Fed up (no pun intended) or are you stupid and blind?
See that when the leaders of a country concentrates more resources on war and invasion that the people get pissed off because they are already struggling and could use those valuable assets to better their communities and general living conditions. Not to mention the nations standing in the world community.
See that when we are deceived and misguided, we lose faith, lose trust and become jaded and yes, cynical if be. And if those aren't the results you were expecting from the people, then change your own behaviors before criticizing the monsters you have created.
A fact is a fact. The election was stolen. The twin towers were unprotected. The nation went to war. The people pay for it and they don't even understand it.
It isn't our war. We wake everyday and do the same routines. The military mind is the brute force of the elite. It serves the public interest poorly and leaches off them for its own menacing means by the pigs that sit in thrones.
Can someone post a link here please to the math and of the expenditures of this country.
How much to medical services.
How much to military.
And so on... .
Then, when you see it in print, you will see where the interests truly lie.
Even the term collateral damage is an insult when referring to a tax-paying citizen that gets killed.
If you expect trust, earn it. If you want to preserve it, admit when a mistake is made and don't hide it. Be as open and forthright as humanly possible.
Stop hiding the truth behind the veils of 'National Security'. It's just like holding a child in front of you during a gunfight.
And until that time, expect the outcome that you have created. It's no accident.

Who's your Daddy 27.Jun.2006 23:34

Another Tax Payer?

Beyond all doubt once again I say (( THINK PEOPLE )) 07.Aug.2006 00:20

Jeff Slocum - perry NY mortex41@hotmail.com

From the moment I saw it on TV I was looking very closely
I could see what looked like explosions (( as if they were set ))
I noticed the white smoke
I noticed the smoke coming up from the ground
Right away I knew something was not right
I have seen hundreds of buildings Demolished by set explosives and this was no diffrent

These Buildings were Hit on the back side of the wind
at that hight you can see the wind blowing the smoke
That side of the building would have been the weakest part

Like a Tree being cut down it would have tilted that direction
because the Undamaged stronger supports would have folded
not come down Evenly as seen in the videos
This is not the first time
This is not the last
Others have died by our Government by exposing the truth
and I say this

My name is Jeff Slocum 17 East Genesee st Perry NY 14530
Come get me - Kill me there is no reason for me to Die or Disappear other than
our Government taking action aginst my speaking out

They have done it in the past and soon some one uncover evidance that will prompt
things - people to Die - Disapear like the past

Things are unfolding as they should just as Jesus said they would

With an out streched hand Over the City Government court ect... Jesus said this wicked system will go
he just called the leaders hypocrites
I can not wait for Matthew 6:10
Let your kingdom come as in Heaven (( ALSO ON EARTH ))
Revelation 12:9,12 Heaven was cleaned out of all wickedness - corruption ect...
Psalms 37:9,11,29 We shal inhearit the earth
Matthew 5:5 Jesus very words we inherit the earth
2 class of people
144,000 = Heavenly Class that will Rule with Jesus as kings and Priest over the earth for 1,000 years (( what better people to judge us than them who have been here and know what its like ))
after the 1000 years >> JESUS hands it back over to the father

No Diffrent than we are set up today
President leaves
Vice president takes over
when the appointed time comes President come back the Vice hands it back to the president

Jesus said he came to do the fathers will
Jesus said he only does what he seen the father do
Jesus said there is one Greater in Heaven than him (( yet all power was given to jesus ))
Jesus said Worship belongs to the father not HIM
Jesus said many will come in his name saying Jesus did I not do this in your name ect...
Jesus says >>> I KNOW YOU NOT << It belongs to the father
Psalms 87:18 Jehovah
Isaiah 45:18 Jehovah did not creat it for nothing but to be inhabited
Isaiah 11:4-9 and the earth will be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah < wait are we to die and go to heaven Yet this is not fulfilled yet
Isaiah 65:15-25 (( This has not happened YET it must yet accure ))
Proverbs 2:21,22 for the upright will be RESIDE on the earth
His own servant - chosen ones ? = Heavenly Class and Earthly Class
Gen 1:26 Let US = More than 1 in heaven
Job 1:6 and the sons of the true GOD = more than 1
Proverbs 8:22-30 (( Then I came to be )) = Gen 1:26
Daniel 2:44 = 144,000 Rev 20:6 rule as kings --- look at 5 the rest do not come untill after the 1000 years and satan is no more = Rev 20:1-3
Daniel 7:9 Ancient of days = Jehovah - Dan 7:13 Some one like the son on man = Jesus
LOOK HE WAS Coming up to that one = walking up to the father = more than one = 2 clear seperate not 3 in one (( jesus said he is the only one to ever see the father )) look vers 14

That time is coming MATTHEW 24: Time of the End and this was the start of the finish
Religon - at Risk - gay marriage ect... just as in the days of noah Jesus said

Come Jehovah Come Father I say bring these wicked people to their knees
I need more fertilizer for my Food I shal grow in the new system

17 East Genesee

sheep? 12.Sep.2006 07:02

hawks lantzh@kon-x.com

all I hear is a lot of wining and gripe about the government and what it is doing to us. I do not see anyone pulling together to stop it and I do not see any one taking any risks, hence all the anomous entries into this chat site. The majority of the people in this country are cowards! even if they wanted to oust the current establishment...they couldn't. there is no organization and no funding and no sense of comradrie among the common people. the large organizations and corperations that fund this nation are getting away with murder through sanctions with in the Gov. Even if the people went underground, they would be labeled terrorists and exterminated. Like D. Koresh. just one small group gets caught violating the laws of sedition and the war machine will fire up its allied cell armies stationed here under the guise of joint training operations and quell the Rebellion. what makes you people think that this government is any different than say Cubas or Iraqs or any other? other turbulant countries have elections and are democratic too. the big part of the problem with this country is its capitolism. The root basis for the beliefs in this country are based on human slavery and greed. yes pull you heads out of your asses and open your eyes. quit pretending to be patriots and warriors and have the balls to be what you desire. i for one will claim allegance to any flag they offer, then feed them in the day and hit them at night. ever look into the foiunding of this country and those who financed the colonists. The brits! in truth we never did get away from the tirany. Look at the war and emergancy powers act and the restrictions on citizens of this country and what they have allowed the tyrants to do to them. the law is a play in word games and you need to know a little about it to decifer it. once you know the code words you will see what has been happening very clearly and realize that there is nothing any individual or small group can do to stop it. it takes cash and mass population and organization to be able to defend against all the violance and propaganda that would be thrown at the citizens. so...you just sit and watch as it happens to some one else and keep your heads in the sand. stick it out to vent a little then back in it goes....people need to take action, not sit on blogs and speculate.

so what do you suggest 16.Sep.2006 10:13


I believe many people are surfung and blogging about it, but few seem to have a level of organization to do anything. I would call on someone to set up a fund for a real investigation, perhaps audited by a local New York govet agency or other concern (e.g FDNY). People could donate funds (online via paypal or something) to the setting up of an independent investigation.

There,. that's my suggestion, and although I can't set up the website I would donate some funds for the effort. Perhaps if we all do a little, we can regain our strength in numbers.

Alternately, what do you (or antyone) suggest ?