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just saw Sophie Scholl film

it was so good. i think anyone who may have to face the insanity of the current regime should have this film in their experience.
I just saw the film Sophie Scholl at Cinema 21 last night. This film follows closly the last days of anti-nazi activist Sophie Scholl from her distributing of antiwar pamphlets at her school to her arrest, interrigation, trial, and death sentince.

The film was closely based on interview and trail transcripts and it is amazing to hear the words of this woman who spoke truth to power in the epitome of bad settings- the center of Nazi Germany during the war.

She was so brillient and what she said hit me really hard. i think about my friends who are doing actions in Palestine, or who were beaten in Genoa, or imprisoned in Miami, or shot at in New Orleans, and this story somehow makes me feel strong. or maybe a better way of putting it is that i am reminded that strengh comes from something deeper: awareness of the world larger then these political situations. the sun is still shining.

anyway, i would highly recommend seeing this film. it will only be playing in portland for a few days.
Also see 25.Apr.2006 09:22


You might also want to rent The White Rose.