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"On the Air in the Americas" on May 2

The Portland Central American Solidarity Committee (PCASC), Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN), and the Prometheus Radio Project are proud to present "On the Air in the Americas," an event that will showcase the power of grassroots radio in community organizing from Portland to Woodburn to Venezuela.
"On the Air in the Americas" will be held on Tuesday, May 2 at 7pm in Portland State University's Multicultural Center. The evening will feature reportbacks from radioheads who visited to Venezuela during the World Social Forum in January, an update from KBOO radio collectives, and a special visit by Adrian Valladares-Carranza, coordinator of PCUN's newly-licensed low-power FM station in Wodburn.

The license for KPCN-LP was obtained by PCUN last summer after years of work. The station is currently in its construction phase, which will culminate with a "Radio Barnraising" during the weekend of August 18-20. Co-hosted by the Prometheus Radio Project, the Barnraising will draw together radio activists and programmers from across the region to help PCUN construct its station and train its staff in a mere three days.

The May 2 event is part of a collaborative tour between PCUN and Prometheus aimed at raising awareness about the new station, and about low power radio in general. PCUN -- Oregon's union of farm, nursery, and reforestation workers -- is one of hundreds of nonprofit organizations in the US that have been granted low power FM frequencies since the FCC reinstated this licensing category under popular pressure in 2000.

The event builds on a new campaign launched by PCASC and KBOO to build relationships between grassroots radio stations in the Pacific Northwest and Venezuela. "We need to ask ourselves, what can US activists learn from activists in the Global South?" said PCASC volunteer Andreina Velasco. "And, more importantly, what are we learning -- right here in Woodburn, Oregon!"

Following the interactive speaker panel, guests will be invited to record a testimony about the role of media in their own community awareness. Portland Indymedia Center's audio collectiv will webcast the event live.

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