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Stop Snitchin' - A Activist's Courageous Example

JJ Hicks was pressured to become a snitch against the ELF for the FBI but he refused and now is doing time in prison. This is his story.
JJ Hicks still rotting in prison

Much has been made of the snitch problem and what to do about it. The simple fact is many people will do almost anything to stay out of prison, and great pressure is placed on them to inform on others, they don't even have to tell the truth - lies will do quite nicely for the FBI, if it leads to movement paranoia and division.

Most folks don't have prisoner support networks, we have ours but many still fall thru the cracks, and even EF!ers don't always make the pages of the journal list.

With this in mind we'd like to draw attention to the case of a long time EF!er who was arrested on non Earth defense charges, heavily pressured by the FBI and Forest dis-service to become an informant, and DID'NT snitch.

On 9-11, as most of the world was glued to their TV screens, JJ Hicks (aka Scout) was spotted by USFS Law enforcement near a small patch of pot just outside the FS boundary. The law yelled, he ran, they gave chase, and that began one of the great escapes of modern western Carolina history, popularized in the local media as the case of "The Nude Fugitive".

JJ eluded officers on foot, horseback, car, helicopters, and even the postman got into the act. He finally escaped a last effort by cops with a dog by floating on down the French Broad River to freedom, wearing nothing but his eyeglasses and a pair of sandals.

JJ managed to stay free for a year and a half, but unfortuneately he was hiding out with a bunch of lowlifes, one of whom was so low as to turn him in for the reward and he was captured by the Fugitive Task Force.

Upon his capture he was placed in solitary confinement and interrogated by the FBI and FS due to his prior association with Katuah EF! in the hopes they could turn him into a snitch. He had some priors, so they threatened him with federal career criminal statutes which could have sent him up for life, threatened his pregnant girlfreind with jail and lied their asses off trying to intimidate him. They offered him an easy ride if he would help them "bring down the ELF". He could have just made up a bunch of lies about fellow activists but didn't. Even his lawyer urged him to cooperate, but all he did was confirm that he knew the names of his fellow Katuans.

He is now doing time in Federal Prison and he needs more support. Please write to him at: Thomas W. "JJ" Hicks #18231058 FCI McKean PO Box 8000 Bradford PA 16701 Books and magazines must be sent straight from the publisher. He also needs money to buy phone cards, stamps, and items from the prison store, please send USPS money orders only to Federal Bureau of Prisons PO Box 474701 Des Moines IA 50947-0001 Print his full name and his #18231058 on the money order. They don't accept anything without a return address.

Please support other prisoners, not just the ones listed in the back of the journal, and help out your local books to prisoners project, or start one! Defeat snitch culture!
hmmm.... 24.Apr.2006 18:20


does anyone know when JJ is supposed to get out?

this guy definately deserves our support!!!

uh... 27.Apr.2006 14:32


Before anyone writes this guy we should have something more official that verifies this story. Anyone can post here about anything.... Who is this guy? When was he arrested? What charges? What specifically was he asked about in regards to the ELF?

Its JJ 08.May.2006 09:32

Chris Irwin

Yes his name is JJ.
Yes its true.

My name is Chris Irwin and I am with the Knoxville Tree Rivers Earth First! in the Katuah bioregion.

They had a hard time getting him to rat out anyone because there has been no sab here in Katuah. There has never even been an accusation of a KEF! sab here in Katuah. We have always been a completely above ground group.

And there is no ELF activity in Katuah either. There has never even been an accusation of ELF activity here.

So the Feds were really offering JJ a choice of manufacturing lies to hassle all of us. It would of been bullshit--but they would of used the lies as an excuse to hassle us even more.

You can look me up in the back of the journal--I am the contact person for Knoxville.

JJ has some baggage--but when the feds tried to get him to manufacture lies he refused. In essence this story is completely true, even the getting away by floating nude down the river.