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police / legal may day 2001-2006

PLDN: Jail Support number for May Day 503-234-4518

The PLDN is working with the May Day Coalition to organize jail support for May 1st. We are working with the National Lawyers Guild and Lewis and Clark legal observers, to try and provide the best legal backup possible for this event.
To do a good job we need everyone to have the heads up and to be paying attention. Carry the jail support number and call us if you see anything happening, or even if you think something is about to happen. If something does happen, write down names and contact numbers for other people who saw it, take notes and look around for folks who may have video. Then call and give us the info. Even the smallest details can be helpful.

On our end we are working in advance, to network and find criminal defense attorneys who have experience with immigration issues. We will have attorneys on hand to work with organizers in case of any arrests.

If you are organizing an immigration rights march on another day other than the 1st of May please consider the saftey of the march participants and contact us. You can leave a message by calling the Jail Support Number 503-234-4518. We are creating a larger and better legal network all the time. Please use it. Because there are 20+ people involved in doing this job well, the most notice you give us the better.
Thanks lucci! 24.Apr.2006 15:03


the PLDN has been doing great work!

Thanks! 25.Apr.2006 10:12

friend of PLDN

I HEART legal observers!