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Chew On This DVDS (Reasons to Go Veg)

i have a ton of dvds if anyone wants some to pass out
I have many, many, many Chew On This DVDS, along with the High Fives and Stage Dives DVD for teenagers. If any activists feel like they'd like to have some to pass out or leave around in public places, just say so and I"ll bring them to the next fur protest.

Seriously, I probably have 500 of the COT and even more of the other ones...

yes, bring some to the fur protest - 24.Apr.2006 15:50


I'd love some. For people interested in the whole spectrum of AR who stop to talk to us, it would be great to have some on hand to pass out too.

Chew on This 24.Apr.2006 16:42


Dear Sara, Whatever dvds are not claimed, I'd like to have maybe 100 to hand out at our Saturday KFC demos every week! Can you be there again next Sat? Otherwise, I'll make sure I meet with you soon. /s/Grateful Chicken

We'll take some too. 24.Apr.2006 18:39

Food Fight! Vegan Grocery info@foodfightgrocery.com

Hey, it's Food Fight (SE 42nd and Division). We can take all you have too, we go through tons of stuff like that. Lots of people wander in curious, and try to not let them leave empty handed. So... yeah.

me gusta food fight mucho 25.Apr.2006 22:09


keep up the pragmatic battle of the heart.

Great! 25.Apr.2006 22:20


Awesome! I won't be able to make it to the fur protest this week, but the next one I can come to, I'll be laden with the dvds.

Inch by inch!

Student in need 27.Apr.2006 22:25


A lot of people I have noticed turn vegetarian in their teenage years. I constantly try to convince my friends to go vegetarian and it has worked a couple times. But, there are some others who down right think it is all bs. A movie would definitely help.

If anyone else has the something similiar, could they please bring it, spreading information is vital for these animals lives. No one really has a viable excuse to not see a movie. All the pamphlets and books I push on people they either don't believe it, or will be to lazy to read it. With a video there isn't really any excuse, it is all shot on camera, and takes little energy to watch.

chew on this 01.May.2006 10:13


ben, do you go to the fur protests? i'd love to give you a box full of the dvds for younger people..

To Ben 02.May.2006 19:45


Ben, join us at the KFC demo next Saturday at noon; bring all the young people. First there will be a person dressed up like a chicken, then they can receive comic books written just for them, then I'll give you a dvd, "Meet Your Meat", and a vegan cookie. If they pledge to "Go Vegan on Mondays" (Most heart attacks occur on a Monday!), they will get a Vegetarian Starter Kit and the Chicken will dance.