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Podcast #26 Of FSCK The Corporate Media With Oka Caledonia Coverage

here goes dj Micr0br3w's FTCM #26.
A short and to the point one.
Podsafe song called "I am the Eggmon,"
an intro with some taglines, etc., and mashed up
with a LOT of coverage from the 6 nations standoff.
fsck the corporate media !
fsck the corporate media !

you've reached
podcast number 26
of fsck the corporate media.
I'm dj microbrew
it's sunday, 24april,
close to earthday 2006.

the revolution is brewing,

in small batches.

I brought you this fine podsafe song
by Paul Hipp

and the only other thing I have for you
this week is what you're about to hear.

This podcast I now give over to the clan
mothers of the 6 nations who are
essentially warring against the canadian


Oh, and remember.

don't hate the media,
the corporate media.


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