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Schumacher pics 4/22/06

Pics from yesterday. Thank goodness for sun and warmth.
more pics 23.Apr.2006 20:32

Blue Jay

more pics

more pics 23.Apr.2006 20:44

Blue Jay

more pics

more pics 23.Apr.2006 20:53

Blue Jay

more pics

more pics 23.Apr.2006 21:01

Blue Jay

more pics

more pics 23.Apr.2006 21:16

Blue Jay

more pics

more pics 23.Apr.2006 21:39

Blue Jay

more pics

Cool! 24.Apr.2006 11:34


Excellent pics. The sidewalk chalk murals are the bomb.

Schumacher Furs Street Party 24.Apr.2006 14:52


Outside is where the party is! Bring your cds and lets have more fun dancing and eating cookies next Saturday!

you rock 25.Apr.2006 09:17



schumacherfur.com 25.Apr.2006 10:38

Blue Jay

Check it out. The site is still being built but there's some
good stuff there.

So many questions 25.Apr.2006 10:49

But no answers

Would it be possible for someoneto write up a summary of Saturday's protest outside Schumacher's? Love the photos but they don't tell all. Are the police more visible or less? Is Gregg and Linda still playing the victim role? What about the signs in the windows, have they been removed? Anything more on their possible eviction? Has anything ever developed about mediation? Has it ever been settled about their security guard, the short little man, is he or isn't he an excon?

Saturday's protest 25.Apr.2006 12:13


I'm sure a summary will be forth-coming...

But in an effort to quench inquirining minds that want to know...

Police presence is very clear. There were two cops standing on the opposing street for the entire protest. (Even after Schumacher's closed, while protestors were still there, they were still there). At times there were more, and at times, they moved around, but again, clearly there.

The 50% off during protest sale signs, as well as signs to taunt the protestors have not made a re-appearance in the last few weeks.

Regarding Nick, the photo in the news article looks just like him. That, combined with one of the Schumacher employees allegedly stating that "we did our homework". (I would intrepret to mean that he is indeed an ex-con.)

Regarding your other questions, IDA had offered to go to mediation on multiple attempts. Last I heard, Schumacher's was unwilling to, still making the false "we are the victim" claim.

On the edge of my chair too 25.Apr.2006 12:37


Is the pope Catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods?
We can be sure Linda and Gregg still consider themselves "victims" as they suppport the torture and slaughter of innocent animals to make a buck.

What a Wonderful Site! 25.Apr.2006 16:32


The website is beauuuuuuuuu-tiiiiiii-fuuuuuuuuuuuuul! You folks are so cool. I'll bet Shitmaker feels truly honored to have a website focusing on him. I especially appreciate the links to articles in various Portland newspapers because I didn't get a chance to see them. I look forward to exploring this site.

Lunch breaks rule 25.Apr.2006 20:30

Friendly Dave

I've been coming to the protests on my lunch breaks from work. I think I have two people from my office comming with my next week. :)

Protest tomorrow at noon Wednesday April 26th 25.Apr.2006 22:58


There is talk of a protest tomorrow Wednesday noonish after the City Council Meeting

website 26.Apr.2006 09:04

Blue Jay

Thanks for the feedback about the website. More content is coming including
protest day video clips for 4/8 and 4/15, more fur-related information and possibly
a photo gallery. It will take a little while but it'll be there. Bless you
animal-loving folks.

Demo? 26.Apr.2006 11:32

not sure

I don't think there's a demo today unless someone else is bringing signs

Awesome website!! 26.Apr.2006 22:34

Johnny Larnes

My hat's off to whoever made the schumacherfur website, it's fantastic

The New Website 28.Apr.2006 17:01

Chalk Artist

Yes, the new website is a beautiful archive of Portland's anti-fur effort. I appreciate all the comments and ideas; I think that we're on a new level now: If sellers of fur refuse to label the "clothing" honestly, that tells us and the public that something has to be kept hidden. Yet they never denied that fur animals have been gassed, skinned alive, anally electrocuted, beaten and killed with pesticides. Why haven't the fur-mongers sued us for slander? KPAM talk show hosts claim that the videos are faked, and claim that no animal would allow ("itself") to be skinned alive. Since attending the demos in November, I heard only one citizen claim that the video was "faked." I'd like to draw a parallel: The City of Chicago has succeeded in banning the sale of foie gras, a cruelly-obtained luxury food item; fur taken from any animal is considered to be a luxury too, not a necessity! Let's get fur sale banned throughout the City of Portland.

Fur 17.May.2006 04:39

Ann Sayner veggiepeta@aol.com

Thank you for posting these pictures. My son forwarded them to me as I live in Rockford Illinois. I'm a Madison native where they do demonstrations as well but not nearly as organized as you people. Great site.