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Warrior Society Communique

Turtle Island will never truly belong to the Europeans.
The Spirits of the Ancestors still walk this land and
we will still be here long after the thieves have gone.
According to European laws, thieves are not allowed to keep what they have
Why are you Europeans still here?

In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse

Warrior Society Communique
For Immediate Release

Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake - (Onerahtóhkha/April 20, 2006)
On April 18th, 2006, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council at Grand
River announced that the Governments of Canada and Ontario have pulled
out of talks concerning the recent land repossession at Caledonia, ON.

With talks abruptly ending in this manner, it became apparent that the
Government of Canada was not interested in seeking a peaceful resolve to
this issue and have elected a violent imposition of their will.

At approximately 4:30am, the Ontario Provincial Police launched a
violent attack upon occupants of the repossessed Haudenosaunee territory
at Caledonia. The occupants there were unarmed and peaceful. Upon
learning of this violent attack, the Rotisken'rakéhte of Kahnawake
mobilized to discuss security measures to prevent any further violence
in Caledonia and Grand River.

It was resolved that the Rotisken'rakéhte at Kahnawake shall establish
defensive vigils at each entry point within our territory in support of
our brothers and sisters at Caledonia. We wish to make clear that this
is strictly a defensive measure to ensure that no further violence is
initiated by the Governments of Canada and Ontario upon our people.

The Rotisken'rakéhte at Kahnawake urge the Governments of Canada and
Ontario to stop any further plans to invade our territories.
Furthermore, we insist on the Government of Canada to return to talks
with the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council to resolve this issue in a
peaceful manner.

For more information, please contact the Mohawk Nation Office;
Secretariat for the People of the Longhouse at 450.632.7639.

Men's Council Fire
Kahnawake Branch of the Mohawk Nation
Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy