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6-2-06: 700-ton mushroom cloud in Nevada

Divine Strake
"...it is the first time in Nevada that you'll see a mushroom cloud over
Las Vegas since we stopped testing nuclear weapons."
--James Tegnelia, head of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency

The Pentagon has scheduled a test at the Nevada Test Site on June 2, 2006 of a 700-ton ammonium nitrate/fuel oil bomb.
During the Spring of 2001, I journeyed to Newe Sogobia, sacred lands of the Western Shoshone for a week of education, actions and most important, prayer, in resistance to the U.S. Government and its vile desecrations at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site.

After the events were over and most everyone had traveled back to their homes, a few of us camped over an extra night. It is that night which stands so clearly in my memory. I woke up about 3:00 a.m.

I laid there for a short time and then I felt something subtle. I kept very still and I felt vibrations emanating from the Earth. They weren't originating near the surface. In my stillness they stopped, started, stopped again and on and on. Timed detonations in a rhythmic pattern. It was no earthquake. Gaia is random and chaotic when She bellows. This was orderly and sequential, this was human generated and some form of underground testing was occurring. The U.S. Government was raping Mother Earth. I felt very small knowing that all I could do in that moment was to be a witness.

I carried those vibrations with me on the Hiroshima FlameWalk of 2002 and the Family Spirit Walk later that same year. Both walks with Spiritual Intent towards the abolishment of Nuclear madness. Through them, I found people all across this country working towards the same end, from the very young to the very old, all colors, all beliefs, rich and poor. They became my UNITED states. One of the few times I have felt at home in this bloodthirsty nation.

Then the U.S. invasion of Iraq occurred and my focus shifted.

Today I read about the proposed above ground testing about to occur on June 2, 2006 at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site named Divine Strake. I am once again riveted to turn and shift.

I urge you to visit The Nuclear Information Project website. It documents nuclear policy and operations utilizing declassified government documents. It provides a very good overview of the technical aspects of this test and contains maps and illustrations.

Shundahai Network has a special section on their website dedicated specifically to the Divine Strake Test.

The April 4, 2006 joint press release of Shundahai Network and Western Shoshone Defense Project.

Quoted in that release:

Carrie Dann, Western Shoshone grandmother and Executive Director of the Western Shoshone Defense Project, "The U.S. has named this 700 ton explosive 'Divine Strake'. It's a mystery why they use 'devine.' Isn't 'devine' used for your deity, God, Your sacredness? Why don't they call it 'Hell Strake?' I believe when you are working testing weaponry of destruction of life, you should not associate it with 'devine.' We want this insanity to stop - no more bombs and no more testing."

According to Raymond Yowell, Chief of the Western Shoshone National Council, "We're opposed to any further military testing on Shoshone lands. This is a direct violation of the CERD finding and an affront to our religious belief - Mother Earth is sacred and should not be harmed. All people who are opposed to these actions by the U.S. should step forward and make their opposition known."

I have to repeat his last sentence:

"All people who are opposed to these actions by the U.S. should step forward and make their opposition known."

? 21.Apr.2006 15:55


Don't they know enough about ammonium nitrate/fuel oil bombs? Rather odd to me. Or maybe just a cover for something else happening there?
By the way:

Main Entry:strake
Etymology:Middle English; akin to Old English streccan to stretch— more at STRETCH
Date:14th century

1 : a continuous band of hull planking or plates on a ship; also : the width of such a band

Main Entry:1di£vine
Inflected Form:di£vin£er ; -est
Etymology:Middle English divin, from Middle French, from Latin divinus, from divus god— more at DEITY
Date:14th century

1 a : of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God or a god *divine love* b : being a deity *the divine Savior* c : directed to a deity *divine worship*
2 a : supremely good : SUPERB *the pie was divine* b : HEAVENLY, GODLIKE
-di£vine£ly adverb

Main Entry:3divine
Inflected Form:di£vined ; di£vin£ing
Etymology:Middle English, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French diviner, from Latin divinare, from divinus, n.
Date:14th century

transitive senses
1 : to discover intuitively : INFER
2 : to discover or locate (as water or minerals underground) usually by means of a divining rod
intransitive senses
1 : to practice divination : PROPHESY
2 : to perceive intuitively
synonyms see FORESEE

(Definitions Copyright 2000 Merriam-Webster Incorporated)

Interesting name. I know there was some comments upon the name at a previous posting about this event.

Divine Stripes 21.Apr.2006 22:10

carrier pigeon

The bible says that you can breed ringstraked animals by laying branches near the water troughs in the fields where the animals copulate. See genesis 30:37-39

The 747-400ER freighter carries a maximum payload of approximately 412 metric tons

What sort of aeroplane can carry a 700 ton bomb?

Whats Th Point 21.Apr.2006 22:36

Uncle Sam

Is this Psycho war or what?

Why not use a big god damn nuc? When did the US give a crap of what people think? Really the invasion of Iraq should be indicative? No?

So the case in point. Is this test for attack effectiveness or just psychological?

Is this not calculatable? Is this the answer to the point at hand? Is it not?

Yeah, it's very psycho 22.Apr.2006 00:55


This test is not of a bomb to be dropped, but a test to see what kind of effect a 6 kiloton blast would have on hardened underground bunkers -- like the one cheney lives in. It's part of the Hard and Deeply Buried Target Defeat (HDBTD) program.

This bomb is the size of a small nuke -- they can test the blast effects of a small nuke without actually having to go nuclear. Doing That would risk the wrath of the folks who think nukes are a bad idea.

Go back to here, and follow some of the links within. Especially the one from globalresearch, and especially the section on press coverage...

So the message here is to keep all your targets harder and more deeply buried than ever before.

Letter from U.S. Rep. Matheson (D-UT) sent to DTRA chief James Tegnelia 22.Apr.2006 14:07

concerned citizen

Enclosed is part of a letter from U.S. Rep. Matheson (D-UT) sent to DTRA chief James Tegnelia on April 7th, 2006 opposing Divine Strake:


.... Although I understand that this test is not a nuclear test, I am greatly concerned that you have not provided the public with adequate assurances that the test is not being conducted in order to further misguided attempts to build new new-yield nuclear devices.

In 2003, Congress mistakenly repealed the Spratt-Furse ban on research and development of low-yield nuclear weapons. Some Members of Congress, including myself, were concerned that advocates for repealing the ban were yielding to those who actively support the development of new nuclear weapons. At the time, the Department of Defense and the National Nuclear Security Administration assured Congress that the ban should be repealed because it hindered research efforts and that no actual weapon was being stealthily developed.

You are well aware that 700 tons (595 ton equivalent yield) this demonstration will not simulate an actual conventional bomb because no bomber in the U.S. fleet has the capacity to carry a weapon of this size. Based on publicly available unclassified information, the 0.6 kt simulation is much smaller than any nuclear weapon the U.S. currently possesses. Therefore, in spite of your public assurances reported in the press the is week that this test is not part of plans to develop a new nuclear weapon, I remain greatly concerned that DTRA is in fact working to assist in the development of a low-yield nuclear weapon.

Another cause of my concern is that just this past week, DTRA confirmed that Divine Strake is the Tunnel Defeat Advanced Concept and Technology Demonstration specified in the FY2007 Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) budget. The document states that the demonstration "will develop a planning tool that will improve the warfighter's confidence in selecting the smaller proper nuclear yield necessary to destroy underground facilities while minimizing collateral damage." That sounds like preparation for a low-yield nuclear weapon to me.

The budget document also specifies that funds will be used to "conduct the Tunnel Target Defeat ACTD large-scale tunnel defeat demonstration using high explosives to produce the desired ground shock environment at the Department of Energy's Nevada Test Site." This begs the question: what is the desired ground shock environment?

These statements seem to indicate that this demonstration is indeed linked to nuclear arsenal objectives. Yet, in today's Washington Post, DTRA spokesperson was quoted as saying that "although DTRA was not 'disavowing' the budget documents, 'things change. That has changed and the wording got left in' improperly, she said, meaning the references to 'nuclear'" I find these inconsistencies to be very disturbing and I would like to know what changed and what is currently the specific intent of this project. In my experience, budget documents and the stated intent of planned experiments do not typically change on a whim.

Finally, I would like to know exactly what precautions are being taken to ensure that any pollutants or radioactive remnants from previous rounds of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site are not dispersed. Specifically, what kind of monitoring system is in place at the demonstration location and how can the downwind public be assured that there is no risk to them? What is the maximum wind speed under which Divine Strake would be conducted? How far is the large dust cloud expected to travel under that condition?

I have long supported efforts to enhance conventional weaponry, instead of nuclear options. However, I am understandably worried that this demonstration is publicly being billed as a conventional demonstration when its actual intent is to further the pursuit of a new nuclear weapon.


more background 22.Apr.2006 15:46

on name selection

Excerpt from:  http://blogs.washingtonpost.com/earlywarning/2006/04/divine_guidance.html

In 1975, in order to put some regimentation into the use of code words and unclassified nicknames in the military, the Joint Chiefs of Staff introduced the computerized Code Word, Nickname, and Exercise Term System (called NICKA), a system for assigning names to military operations, exercise, tests, weapons, you name it.

NICKA assigns each Defense Department command and agency a series of two-letter alphabetic sequences, requiring each "first word" of a nickname to begin with a letter pair.

In the NICKA then, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, formerly the Defense Special Weapons Agency is assigned the "DI" letter block, from which they derive names for their activities: Dial, Diamond, Digger, Dimming, Dipole, Direct, Dingo, Divine and others, hence Divine Strake.

And it is a series: In addition to Divine Strake, the DTRA has conducted or is planning to conduct, I've now learned, tests and experiments called Divine Buffalo, Divine Invader, Divine Helcat, Divine Kingfisher, Divine Umpire, Divine Zorro, Divine Warhawk, Divine Albatross, and my favorite Divine Hates, a test, according to DTRA documents, that will gauge "WMD production and storage tunnel complex functional defeat."

Oklahoma Federal Building bombing 22.Apr.2006 16:23

as a comparison

Explosive experts testified during the trial of Terry L. Nichols that the bomb that destroyed the Oklahoma City Federal Building was probably made with ammonium nitrate.

Prosecutors say Mr. Nichols bought two tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer and stored it, along with other bomb components, in lockers rented under...


If one assumes the official story regarding the bombing is true, use that two ton reference in comparison to the Divine Strake test which will detonate a 700 ton ammonium nitrate bomb.

In recognition of Earth Day, please stand up for Mother Earth.

Use your daily activities to share information of this upcoming test with coworkers, while you're standing in the grocery line, riding with other passengers on the bus, visiting the library or wherever you venture in a days time.

Create a small flyer and post around your neighborhood. Call your legislators and ask them what they are doing to counteract this act of terrorism. Hold a forum at a local library or park. Set aside personal feelings for mainstream media and deluge them with emails and letters to the editors so more people become aware of this. Co-leaflet at other types of actions.

Today is April 22 - there are 41 days left for ACTION

devine strake 27.Apr.2006 06:27

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

or are the trying to set off more quakes, the more displaced people the fewer voters, the more likelyhood of dictatorship, king george the third? heil bush!

Western Shoshone Defense Project 27.Apr.2006 10:20

14th Annual Spring Gathering

Friday May 19th to Sunday May 21, 2006

A gathering to protect the land, the people, and future generations. Come show your support for the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley and the Sogobia we all depend on.

Sunrise ceremonies, issue sharing, speakers, videos, children's activities, raffle, traditional foods, traditional singing, round dancing and sweats

Please be prepared to camp out in a high desert region. The weather can be hot and quite cold. The gathering is free but donations of time, food and money are welcome.

For more information: Western Shoshone Defense Project:

phone (775) 468-0230, fax (775) 468-0237,

email  wsdp@igc.org or cell phone 775 397-1371

devine madness, Vegas edition 02.Jun.2006 12:04


dear mr bush & associates, i would like to thank you for my upcoming move out of Nevada, and destruction of my business. i reside in Vegas, 57 miles from your planned madness on 6/22/06. unless it is stopped, i will be forced to evacuate the area. you see, unlike you i have a conscience. i will not allow my child and myself to become 'victims' of the deadly shit you are about to expose a million people to. you really should take a side trip to Utah someday, you know, visit some DOWNWINDERS and their hidious offspring. the U.S. government did a really good job with that. oh, and by the way, SOME of us ARE aware that there is a 'small' nuclear device attached to the "WMD". i can only hope you are stopped in time...........