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Canada Breaks Off Negotiations - Warrior Societies Brace for Attack

Mohawk Nation braces for military attack in Caledonia, Ontario. I just spoke with Kahentinetha Horn. The Canadian Army have joined the Ontario Provincial Police and formed a 50 mile perimeter around the site. She said there are 3,000 soldiers and police there! This is tribal land!
Contacts on site:
Dick Hill 519-865-7722,
Hazel Hill at 519-865-7723,
Janie Jamieson at 905-517-7006,
Jacqueline House at 905-765-9316.

For Immediate Release

Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake - (Onerahtóhkha/April 20, 2006)
On April 18th, 2006, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council at Grand
River announced that the Governments of Canada and Ontario have pulled
out of talks concerning the recent land repossession at Caledonia, ON.

With talks abruptly ending in this manner, it became apparent that the
Government of Canada was not interested in seeking a peaceful resolve to
this issue and have elected a violent imposition of their will.

At approximately 4:30am, the Ontario Provincial Police launched a
violent attack upon occupants of the repossessed Haudenosaunee territory
at Caledonia. The occupants there were unarmed and peaceful. Upon
learning of this violent attack, the Rotisken'rakéhte of Kahnawake
mobilized to discuss security measures to prevent any further violence
in Caledonia and Grand River.

It was resolved that the Rotisken'rakéhte at Kahnawake shall establish
defensive vigils at each entry point within our territory in support of
our brothers and sisters at Caledonia. We wish to make clear that this
is strictly a defensive measure to ensure that no further violence is
initiated by the Governments of Canada and Ontario upon our people.

The Rotisken'rakéhte at Kahnawake urge the Governments of Canada and
Ontario to stop any further plans to invade our territories.
Furthermore, we insist on the Government of Canada to return to talks
with the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council to resolve this issue in a
peaceful manner.

For more information, please contact the Mohawk Nation Office;
Secretariat for the People of the Longhouse at 450.632.7639.

Men's Council Fire
Kahnawake Branch of the Mohawk Nation
Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy

Macdonald Stainsby
In the contradiction lies the hope
--Bertholt Brecht.



Six Nation's is Haudenosaunee - aka Iroquois Confederacy: Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca & Tuscarora Nations

Thursday, April 20th, At 5:55 am over 150 heavily armed Ontario Provincial Police with Native mercenaries as body shields, invaded Six Nations land. Some carrying M-16's, in riot gear. 6th line is still open. The Rotinoshon'no are not fighting. Tear gas has been thrownat them. Some were pepper sprayed. The traitors are the same kind of people who stabbed Crazy Horse, Geronimo, and those who fought for our sovereignty and our lives.

One bridge to the property has been closed.

Witnesses required. This will not be on the national news. Go there
and see what is going on. This is a scary precedent. Take pictures.
Make reports. Let the world know. report. REPORT. REPORT. Help the
people so no one gets hurt. we never wanted violence. Canada has
opened to the door to covert stAte violence on a scale that is
unprecedent in Canada. This si the end of any pretense of negotiation
with Indigenous people. Canada came in with armaments, guns, paddy
wagons (we dont know what's in there).

Don't let Canada become another Chile. Tell the world. The Rotino'shon:we were on our own land.


Sign this Petition 22.Apr.2006 20:01


We, the Undersigned, endorse the following petition:


Stop the Siezure and Violent Police Invasion Of Six Nations Land in Caledonia!

This Six Nations title to Haldimand land conflict is a product of fraudulent misrepresentation by the Ontario government. It has affected both Indigenous People and those who have been fraudulently mislead into believing that they could purchase legal title to Six Nations land. To uphold the honor of the Crown, the Ontario government should compensate the people for the land they stole from the Indians and turned over to Henco and its customers or remove themselves and Henco and its customers NOW!

Justice demands that The Canadian Goverment interfere and remove all Police and Military Presence from Caledonia,Ontario.

Allow The Six Nations to peacefully hold the land they have legal and moral title to!


mohawk just cause. 27.Apr.2006 00:34


The Mohawks gained this land grant because they fought against the enslavers of America in 1783 and were instrumental in allying themselves with the English at the time, as they were not interested in being enslaved by America either. Just consider this in terms of true internationalism, that warriors at the time were fighting against their enslavement. That is a just cause. The English were so grateful they awarded a track called the haldimand tract and it amounted to 350,000 acres. Since 1784 by chinicary the government of Ontario and Canada have taken most and now the Mohawks have only 5% of the land originally given to them inperpetutity. This constant chipping away illegally is the reason the Mohawks have decided to live up to their rights and re-possess land stolen from them by the Canadian and Ontario government. McGinty, the Ontario premier say he has not issued any orders to allow violence to be used. He wants a settlement peacefully arrived at. This means that the OPP Ontario Provincial Police have invaded the mohawk land on their own(police state terror) and that the conservative minority government has sent the RCMP, and the Canadian Army . The change from peacekeeping to unjust and cruelly oppressive violence by the excessive use of violence ,marks a historic change in Canadas method of dealing with what is essentially a political , negotiable issue. The discredited method of might makes right is rearing its ugly head again as it did in the 1924, and during the dirty thirties. Our natural people who believe in the ecological ways of lifes balances ought not to be treated as criminals. The mohawk people are not armed and are not criminals , they are living as Canada and The U.S.A. dosn't. They don't want pollution to ruin the natural world. If Canada continues this wrong method of oppressing those in defence of nature they will come inevitably to no good end. Presently the conservative minority govt. is not fully showing democracy for the people. Hopefully they can be stopped before it is to late. Canada ought to quit folowing the Bush methods of illegal wars and get its troops out of Haiti, Afghanistan, and Calidonia.

i agree 100 persent 21.May.2006 07:06

twofeathers-sarah twofeathers80@yahoo.com

i tottally agree as my husband is in american army and i feel there is no need for all this war,i feel that after all this war then all we have done is make a bunch of enamies is all.bush has done nothing but kill kill kill our own peaple and somday maybe everyone in this state,i often wonder what our brothers and sisters who has joined the canadian army a while back or way before this had happend feel about all this? i bet they wish they could go awall or maybe feels as too be a traiter i dont no but for bad harts bad things will happen, i lift smoke and sing for good things to happen to all the good sisters and brothers who need our help, i am with you

fort hood texas