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Pre-May Day celebration of the proletariat!
WHAT: Anarchist Student Union at PCC invites you to the Radical Labor Fair. Listen to speakers, eat free food, sing, dance, and win free stuff.

WHEN: Thursday, April 27th 11am-4pm. That's THIS THURSDAY!

WHERE: Portland Community College
Cascade Campus
705 N. Killingsworth St. Portland, OR 97217
Student Center (SC)in cafeteria and outside commons

HOW: Yellow line MAX, Killingsworth stop, jump on bus #72

WHO: Representatives from IWW, Freedom Socialist Party, PCC Faculty Federation, Anarchist Student Union, Political Activism Club, and Radical Women.

RIOT COP plays at 12p high noon (RIOT LUNCH!)

GENERAL STRIKE performs the traditional songs from the front lines at 1pm

SPEAKERS from 11-2:30p

FOOD NOT BOMBS starts at 11am- we'll serve outside if the weather is nice

ANARCHO RAFFLE at 2:30p- win cool stuff, t-shirts, new u-lock, shiney boltcutters, subversive books, many sharpies in various colors, and more.


Spread the words, bring your friends, family, and fellow workers.

My appologies for accidently omitting PCASC 21.Apr.2006 16:43

Anarchist Student Union

Portland Central American Solidarity Committee will also be speaking about the current anti-immigration legislation (HR4437) and immigrant worker's rights.

Great play list! 21.Apr.2006 23:42

IMAGINE! ("I'm not the only one")

IWW, Freedom Socialist Party, Anarchist Student Union, Political Activism Club, and Radical Women


RIOT COP plays at 12p high noon (RIOT LUNCH!)

GENERAL STRIKE performs the traditional songs from the front lines at 1pm

I'll be there!

awesome..... 22.Apr.2006 11:34


cool, radical career fair, too bad some of us are employed.

during the week, during the work day, not exactly the best time to reach out to the workers of the world, but a perfectly good time to reach out to people who read about the workers of the world.

these events would be great if they weren't set up to keep the participants so insulated among themselves.

"before you try supporting the workers, try being one"

to be fair 22.Apr.2006 15:43

ian wallace

well, not every worker holds a 9 to 5 shift fellow worker. social workers, service industry, nurses, taxi-drivers, strippers, all work nights. and i assume many students will soon be workers as well...

To be accurate 22.Apr.2006 16:31


Most of the people organizing, speaking, playing, and attending the fair ARE workers. This is a community college, not Harvard. Students tend to work in addition to going to school and raising families.
It is not a "career fair", it's a labor fair with a focus on worker's rights and the upcoming May Day event in Portland.
Sorry that you can't make it. Maybe next year when you provide a free venue to hold the event at, you can have it at a more suitable time.
Thanks for taking time to give your support and encouragement.

All action is work. 22.Apr.2006 19:22


All action is work. There are classes of workers that don't represent the people. They're the rich. They work to oppress others. George Jackson described workers that help the rich oppress other workers, in some systemic way as belonging to a fascist class. In that I'd agree.
Some anarchists wear patches that say "don't work" and such, but even then apathy is a choice. Dumpstering that cloth and printing that patch was work. I think that anti-work statements demonstrate a lack of understanding what work is. Forming the argument, and actively resisting the idea that you're working is work. The question is: Does it represent your interests as a worker? Ask any organizer and they'll tell you that activism is work. Hell the IWW used to organize the homeless. William Morris described art as work. He said that art, and culture should serve the working class, and not the rich. Where did he take that? He developed the first recliner known as the "Morris chair" it was created to give the working class an affordable, comfortable, chair that would last generations. The idea being that the worker shouldn't be forced to work to afford to continually buy crap that's made to break in factories made to oppress workers.

The first thing to be attacked in an imperialist war is culture. Indigenous peoples have been systematically robbed of the cultural or working traditions that defined them as people. This is the first step in establishing class domination. Imperialists of old have written about it. You can see it in Iraq. Is it any wonder that today's environmental movement is beginning to act on the relevancy of fighting to return land to indigenous control? More work like this needs to be done.
It is my estimation that while all work doesn't necessarily represent the interests of the working class, (for example the cancerous prison industry) all struggles are workers struggles. Even if it's just the fact that we have to react or contend with them. It is vital to our interests that movements learn the importance of connecting our struggles as one. To do otherwise is to work at reducing our movement into issues. It is to work at dividing the strength of our class, and placing implicit trust in the same class of officials and sympathizers that have granted the fascist band aid reforms of the past. It is wrong to support the illusion that things are fine when they are not. We will not shut up for crumbs. United we have the power to make our principles relevant. Alone we're "lucky" to make the most minisqule progress on issues. Lucky to even defend our communities. Industrialization gives the rich the tools to make a few men capable of oppressing many, workers. This is a good reason why industrial institutions should be democratized.
Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are rights, not "privileges" and we should start treating them as such. Any reform that doesn't explicitly challenge the basis of political power in this country serves the vested interests of that power, of the ruling class. It's clear that reforms, and challenging reforms can be used to draw lines between us and them. The movement has a term for this, it's called "sharpening the contradictions."
It's time to stop reacting. It's time to build a revolutionary movement. Is this too radical? Hell no. It's as radical as JUSTICE, plain and simple. History is rife with examples of the workers bieng led to do things against thier interests. History is rife with examples of the ability of a few people polarizing the public to do wicked things. It is foolish to beleave
that a broad movement with concise and locally relevant goals couldn't do the same for justice, and make real change. To beleave that people are anything but inheriently good is to bend a knee to the captains of industry. We have inherient power, and we have the ability to discern right from wrong, we should be misslead no more.
I went to Earth day today, there was some good energy there. But it made me sad. There used to be a day when the workers celebrated the thier connection to the earth. There used to be a day when they saw and gave testament to the fact that the plight of the workers IS the plight of the land. The banners of old cried "Land and Freedom!" That day was May Day. It is my earnest hope that it will be so again.


in common struggle,

I think its Great 23.Apr.2006 17:19


I am a member of the Anarchist Student Union. I have also put alot of time into this. I hope that many will be there. For those who cant because of work, remember to work as slow as possible. For cassius, I would like to say alot of things to you, but fuck it. Anyone looking to have a good time, and maybe learn some shit come on over.