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Portland May Day Location Set

The location has been confirmed--South Park Blocks at PSU (SW Park and SW Mill).
And just to be clear, everyone is working together on this. The local Immigrant Rights Coalition (including PCUN) has joined forces wih the May Day Coalition to organize a Portland May Day event. There will be events in several cities in Oregon, and in cities across the country. There is a call for an immigrant general strike--hopefully there will be large crowds in Portland, Salem, and everywhere!

There is tons of work that needs to be done on logistics, sound systems, getting food donated, making signs, etc. Call one of the organizations working on this if you can help out, or watch for announcements of work parties and planning meetings.

homepage: homepage: http://www.jwjpdx.org

thanks 21.Apr.2006 15:43


Just wanted to thank the poster for letting everyone out there know we're marching on May Day and it'll be big -- we're hoping people all over the state will join us!

POSTERS "closed" "cerrado" (businesses/negocios) 26.Apr.2006 15:26

Mike (DJ Pacífico) mike@3americas.org

--compañeras y compañeros:

aqui hay dos letreros (ENG=inglés; ESP=español) para dar a negocios que pretenden cerrar el lunes. Pueden usar como estrategia para convencerlos. Son PDF's faciles de imprimir. Llameme si haya cualquier problema.

Here are two posters (ENG=English ESP=español) to give to businesses that plan to close on Monday. They are PDFs -- easy to print. Call me with any problems.

831 334 5000
ENGLISH  poster here (easy download)
ENGLISH poster here (easy download)
POSTER en Español aquí (fácil de bajar)
POSTER en Español aquí (fácil de bajar)

Let's make this easy. Times, please. 26.Apr.2006 19:36


South Park Blocks, SW Park & Mill

10am Music

11am Rally

Noon March