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Story on Portland May Day from JwJ Website

More info on Portland May Day planning
Original story, with links and photos here:  link to www.jwjpdx.org

International Workers Day will have a large focus on immigrant rights this year, as a call has been put out for immigrant workers to strike on May 1st.

The Immigrant Rights Coalition and the May Day Coalition have decided to merge their efforts and organize what may be the largest May Day action Portland has ever seen. Other events will be taking place in Salem, Corvalis, and Eugene.

May Day has been celebrated over the years in Portland, and annually since 2000, when the relatively small protest was broken up by the police.

The location has not been set, but the event will kick off at 10am with music, at 11am there will be a rally, and the march will start at noon. Activities will most likely continue into the late afternoon.

homepage: homepage: http://www.jwjpdx.org

Just 20.Apr.2006 13:40

a suggestion

For years protests of various sorts have taken place, generally with a convergence of people to a central location wherever it may be.

Many times that ends up being in the downtown core.

There is opportunity for 4-6 marches starting outward and moving inward from the various neighborhoods to then meet up for speakers, music, etc.

Starting times for marches could vary depending on distance from downtown. It has the advantage of reaching a much wider audience. It has the advantage of dispursing large groups of police as they cannot all be in 4-6 locations at one time.

Oftentimes, I think we fall into the "bigger is better" and just remain stagnant to other options.

There is no doubt MayDay will draw the numbers. Give those numbers a chance to create!

Feeder marches are naturally a part of May Day 23.Apr.2006 12:16

Working Class Mama

I believe there are several feeder marches from the east side in the works by other organisations like there always has been. It's looking like there's going to be somewhere in the ballpark of 20,000 this year(yay!), so don't miss this one!