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I'm off to Salem on May 1 to support our immigrant sisters and brothers.
Let's show what international workers day is all about.
Si se Puede!
From the PCUN website. Download the flyer, get the word out and get down there!

Oregon Works Because Immigrants Work: March for Dignity and Justice for Immigrant Workers
May1 - Salem - 1 pm
On May 1, the immigrant community will show the power of our economic contributions by not buying anything or working for a day. PCUN and CAUSA call on the immigrant community and supporters to come to a march for immigrant rights, Monday May 1, 1 pm.
Location: Oregon State Capitol (900 Court St NE, Salem).
English flyer / Volante en espanol
Information for Employers
ian wallace 19.Apr.2006 17:39

agenda for mayday set.

that settles it. i guess we all know what we will be doing on mayday. i'll see everyone in Salem.

Actually, there will be an action in Portland as well... 19.Apr.2006 17:47


The location is not set yet, but in Portland the Immigrant Rights Coalition and the May Day Coalition have merged their efforts and will be supporting the call for a general strike, and organizing an action for downtown Portland. There will also be actions in Eugene, Corvalis, and in cities across the country.

The times for Portland are:
10am Music, Presentations
11am Rally
Noon March
(other activities will be taking place all afternnon and evening)

for more on the general strike, check out  http://www.nohr4437.org/

If you're in Woodburn or Salem 20.Apr.2006 12:04

zapata vive

then go to Salem, if you're in Portland go to the march in Portland. It makes no sense to tell people, especially poor immigrant workers, to drive to Salem when they could far easier take the MAX to the downtown march. Is PCUN trying to steer people away from the Portland march because it's percieved as being organized by the "radicals".

PCUN supports the Portland march 20.Apr.2006 13:38


PCUN is not trying to steer people away from Portland. I think the original poster did not know about the Portland action. Ramon actually suggested that there be an action in Portland, as there will be in several cities in Oregon, and hopefully hundreds across the country.

ok 20.Apr.2006 13:53

zapata vive


Solidarity people. 20.Apr.2006 17:22

Heck, I guess I'm one of those "radicals"

Justice in an imperialist country is "radical." People want justice. People are working together for justice. We're doing our best to pull our common problems up by thier roots. The best way to do this is to build a common struggle, reject secterianism, and take a serious look at how our issues relate to each other.
Attempts to marganalize activists for bieng too "radical" within other issue based movements, only ends up constraining all of our ability to make change. The movement has a word for this behavior, it's called sectarianism. I've done it. I've done it against people only to have to face my own rehtoric, from someone I don't know years later. I've probably done it against you. A lot of times I felt justified in the knowledge that I was just reacting to another activists provocation. You can only do so much reacting, to the consequences of your reactions before it begins to become clear that the time for reaction is over. I now spend a lot of time trying to get younger radicals to be pro-active, demonstrate thier ideas clearly through concise political action, and reject sectarianism.
For this work our group has earned some measure of hate from people within our community that say quite clearly that they would like to see us remain in-effective. But honestly, it is SO much better to have an opposition challenge the merit of your ideas than it is to have them challenge your right to exist, to be, and work for what you beleave. That's the methodology of the state. I feel that no human is illigal, no person should be criminalized for what they beleave.
The truth is I'd rather that radical justice activists were organizing for land, and freedom, than fighting with you. It is my honest opinion that when we organize for a common revolutionary struggle, and reject secterainism, this gives us all the space to organize more effectively. What little gains we make, fuel our drive to do this work.

I'd like some clarity here. By what measure do you call somone too radical? I've heard people call for the abolishion of borders. Is that too radical? I've heard people call for an end to international trade deals like Cafta, and Nafta, is that too radical? I've even joined those people. Do I have a place in your movement? Here's an idea: Lets abolish corperations and replace them with democratic institutions that serve the people.
This is great. I once read: The plight and condition of the Worker is tied to the land. If the land suffers, so do we. Is that a crazy idea too? We do a fair measure of what many folks call solidarity work, and this is one of a few common principles, that ties us and our allies together. Organizing community based alternatives, and supporting revolutionary political action are others. Is that crazy? If it is than May Day is crazy. I am happy that us crazy people have one day, in an entire year where we can be ourselves.

See you under the workers Maypole

In common struggle,

misunderstanding 20.Apr.2006 18:42

zapata vive

Crearly by choosing the name zapata vive (zapata lives) I am implying that I'm also a radical. I wasn't disparaging anyone, I was just wondering if PCUN was trying to avoid working with the radical community. Clearly that's not the case, everything's cool.

Let the ruling classes tremble~! 21.Apr.2006 16:44


Thanks for the comments. I apologize for any misunderstanding.
I did post this because it seemed to me that nothing was going to happen in Portland.
I will be staying in Portland and encouraging everyone I know to support this international workers day event.
We can scare the hell out of the bosses by not going to work or school,not buying their stuff and getting out onto the streets.
Let's build the movement against war, racism, sexism, poverty, exploitation, etc, a movement that can change the world.
As good old Karl Marx said 'the proletarians nothing to loose but their chains. They have a world to win.'


Portland Action 22.Apr.2006 10:41

the man on the inside grendelssister@yahoo.com

The portland action will take place in the south park blocks at Portland State University. See you there...