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Was Barbara Bush's real father Aleister Crowley?

The story may seem difficult to believe at first, until one learns more about the social inter-relations that tied together these unlikely parties. Specifically, we must focus on a fascinating woman named Pauline Pierce, born Pauline Robinson -- whose third child was named Barbara.

George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, and Aleister Crowley

Few people understand that one of the most notorious individuals in British history may have contributed to the lineage of our current president. Aleister Crowley, a.k.a., "The Great Beast 666" -- the infamous practitioner of "sex magick" whose motto was "Do What Thou Wilt" -- came to know a great many remarkable people, including the maternal grandmother of George W. Bush. "Know," in this case, may be taken in the Biblical sense. Evidence points to the disturbing possibility that he was the true father of Barbara Bush, the former First Lady and mother to George W. Bush.

The story may seem difficult to believe at first, until one learns more about the social inter-relations that tied together these unlikely parties. Specifically, we must focus on a fascinating woman named Pauline Pierce, born Pauline Robinson -- whose third child was named Barbara.

Most sources divulge little about this woman. We learn more about her husband Marvin Pierce, the president of the McCall Corporation, which published McCall's magazine and Redbook. He married Pauline, a beautiful young socialite, in 1919. Their first child, Martha, was born the next year; the second, James, was born in 1921. At this time, Aleister Crowley inhabited what must have seemed a very different world, as he embarked upon the great communal experiment of the Abbey of Thelema in Italy.

Pauline, however, had a hidden side -- what we might call (without intending any judgment or insult) a wild side. We get a whiff of it from this Wikipedia entry:
W magazine once described her as "beautiful, fabulous, critical, and meddling" and "a former beauty from Ohio with extravagant tastes"...

Rumors that Pauline had an affair with Dwight D. Eisenhower have never been verified... Still, gossip tabloids from the '40s often associated her with prominent men in politics and film.
I have not yet been able to acquire independent confirmation of the Eisenhower liaison, although I personally see no reason to doubt that it existed. However, we may well have reason to believe that she began her "experimental" period before the 1940s.

A sixth-level initiate within the OTO (the Ordo Templi Orientis, the mystical society that Crowely came to head in the 1920s) first set me down this research path by revealing that Pauline Robinson had befriended an woman named Nellie O'Hara, an American adventuress who, at some point during her European travels, met the famed writer Frank Harris. Despite his advancing years, Harris still maintained a reputation for sexual excess that rivaled Crowley's. During this period (1919-1927), Nellie and Frank Harris lived as man and wife, although they could not actually wed because Harris' second wife was still alive and would not grant a divorce.

Harris and Crowley were good friends. Not only that: At this time, and not for the last time, Crowley was very much the proverbial "friend in need."

During the Abbey period, a Crowley follower had accidentally died during a magickal ceremony. The incident created a firestorm of unwanted publicity (the sensationalist British press labeled Crowley "The Wickedest Man in the World"), which prompted Mussolini's government to expel Crowley and his followers from Italian soil. By 1924, he lived in poverty in France, where Frank Harris kindly took him under his roof. This arrangement inevitably brought Crowley into contact with Nellie.

Crowley's diaries, to which I have been given access, clearly indicate that he depended on Harris for financial assistance:
January 3rd 1924 - "No luck about cash yet: but F.H. promises 500 fr to-morrow - so that I can bolt to Paris. One step onward to the Establishment of the Law of Thelema.
The money soon ran out, and AC (as his associates called him) soon had to ask his friend for further assistance. At this time, Harris was writing his multi-volume "erotic autobiography," My Life and Loves; he also purchased a newspaper, The Evening Telegram. But he lacked the resources and management skills to make the enterprise a success, and soon found himself in a financial position no better than Crowley's.

Despite his parlous economic circumstances, Crowley focused his attention on sex magick. Not many years previously, he and a follower named Jeanne Foster (a.k.a. Soror Hilarion) had conducted a sex-magickal rite designed to give birth to a child destined to carry on Crowley's work. I have not been able to determine whether he conducted similar experiments with Nellie, although given the polyamorous proclivities of all the parties involved, one should not discount the possibility.

Nellie's friend Pauline no doubt scandalized her social circle by traveling to France on her own and leaving two very young children in the care of nursemaids. However, her correspondence with her friend -- whose life in France with a famous literary figure must have seemed quite glamorous -- can only have inspired a sense of wanderlust. Her husband, increasingly bound to his duties with the McCall Corporation, did not share this spirit of adventure.

Thus it was that four individuals came together: Frank Harris, Nellie O'Hara, Pauline Pierce, and Aleister Crowley. Anyone who has studied Crowley's life will understand that what happened next was, in a sense, inevitable.

Crowley's diaries for this period record the initials "PVN," a cryptic reference to his favorite sexual position, which some of his partners found distasteful. (The letters derive from the Latin for "By way of the Infernal Entrance.") This is a common annotation in the records of Crowley's magical practices. We also find the strange initials "ECL." After researching the matter for some time, I have come to the conclusion that this is a reference to the practice known as "Eroto-Comotose Lucidity."

Before proceeding, I should emphasize that the year 1924 has a special significance in the Crowley chrnology. At this time, he is said to have undergone the "supreme ordeal" connected with his attainment of the Grade of Ipsissimus, the highest magickal achievement within his order. The exact nature of this ordeal remains mysterious. I believe that an important clue can be found in his description of the rite of Eroto-Comotose Lucidity:
The Candidate is made ready for the Ordeal by general athletic training, and by feasting. On the appointed day he is attended by one or more chosen and experienced attendants whose duty is (a) to exhaust him sexually by every known means (b) to rouse him sexually by every known means. Every device and artifice of the courtesan is to be employed, and every stimulant known to the physician. Nor should the attendants reck of danger, but hunt down ruthlessly their appointed prey.

Finally the Candidate will into a sleep of utter exhaustion, resembling coma, and it is now that delicacy and skill must be exquisite. Let him be roused from this sleep by stimulation of a definitely and exclusively sexual type. Yet if convenient, music wisely regulated will assist.

The attendants will watch with assiduity for signs of waking; and the moment these occur, all stimulation must cease instantly, and the Candidate be allowed to fall again into sleep; but no sooner has this happened than the former practice is resumed. This alteration is to continue indefinitely until the Candidate is in a state which is neither sleep nor waking, and in which his Spirit, set free by perfect exhaustion of the body, and yet prevented from entering the City of Sleep, communes with the Most High and the Most Holy Lord God of its being, maker of heaven and earth.

The Ordeal terminates by failure---the occurrence of sleep invincible--- or by success, in which ultimate waking is followed by a final performance of the sexual act. The Initiate may then be allowed to sleep, or the practice may be renewed and persisted in until death ends all. The most favourable death is that occurring during the orgasm, and is called Mors Justi.

As it is written: Let me die the death of the Righteous, and let my last end be like his!
If he did undergo this "ordeal" in 1924, then we must presume that his key associates of that time -- including Nellie and Pauline -- functioned as his assistants.

Pauline returned to America in early October of 1924. On June 8, 1925, she gave birth to a girl named Barbara. Barbara Pierce married George H.W. Bush, who eventually became the 41st President of the United States.

But who was Barbara's father? The chronology indicates that it could have been Crowley, but it could just as easily have been Marvin Pierce. The truth regarding Crowlean sexual rituals is disclosed only to the highest initiates of the OTO, in a document misleadingly titled "Emblems and Modes of Use."

Is Aleister Crowley the father of Barbara Bush? Even she may not know for certain; indeed, I have no way of knowing whether she has ever been told that this possibility exists. However, more than one person has noted the resemblance -- and this resemblance is not just physical. Many will recall the former First Lady's haughty and thoughtless remarks in the aftermath of the Katrina disaster. Those "in the know" were reminded of Aleister Crowley's similar reaction to the loss of life which occurred during the ascent of Kangchanjunga, an expedition he commanded: "This is precisely the sort of thing with which I have no sympathy whatsoever."

I leave the matter for the reader to decide.
# posted by Joseph : 1:23 PM 20 comments


# posted by Anonymous : 4:31 PM
If memory serves, the current head of the Ordo Templi Orientis "worldwide" is or was a professor at the University of Texas in Austin. His "magickal" name is Hymaneus Beta; you can find the real name if you do a little digging.

Beneath him is the national leader, a fellow in California who goes by the name of Sabazius, whose web site is here...


I used to know his real name but cannot recall it offhand. He is not in the military.

The third in line is Bill Heidrich, who lives in Northern California and is pretty approachable. You can find his email address on Google. Since he seems to function as the group historian you may want to write him if you have any further questions. Be polite.

There are others who claim that the OTO organization described above is not the REAL OTO -- but you'd have to be nuts to care about these accusations and counter-accusations...
# posted by Joseph : 6:27 PM
This post appeals to deepest, darkest wish-fulfillment fantasies. I'm less concerned with DNA "fact" than with philosophical and poetic truth. Joseph, you nailed it! Wink)
# posted by Peg C : 7:43 PM
Since no one else is asking, I will. Does this make Bush the antichrist?
# posted by unirealist : 9:30 PM
Actions speak louder than genes, unirealist.
# posted by Joseph : 10:19 PM
Come on, Joseph, come clean. Was this post an April Fool's joke or not? As Jeff Well's said today at RI, this is not your usual milieu. Yet, yet...
# posted by sunny : 7:05 AM
I guess that would explain why Bush responded so enthusiastically to Alberto Gonzales' recent Justice Department dictum that the new philosophy of the imperial presidency will henceforth be, "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law!"
# posted by bboldt2 : 11:14 AM
It's possible that George W. Bush is related to Aleister Crowley, but we know for certain that on his fathers side he is the 24th grandson of King Henry I and King Henry VII was insane. This really would make for an "anti-christ" combination as well as support the idea that select bloodlines control everything. President Bush is also closely related to FDR, Winston Churchill, and Colin Powell. I wouldn't be surprised if George W. Bush were closely related to John Kerry as well.
# posted by Anonymous : 10:54 PM
This is a useful quote from Kitty Kelley's book The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty.

It helps to adjudicate the claim above (rather positively?) that Barbara Bush may be an illegitimate daughter of Crowley, based upon the interpersonal dynamics of the Pierce family--where Barbara has always been treated as the only second-class citizen of the Pierce family, interestingly enough, without much public explanation why or how it started.

Page 68-69:

"Barbara was 16 and a slender by the time she met Poppy Bush. Neither had dated anyone else before, not even been romantically kissed; they came to their instantaneous attraction, fresh and full of hope. Relatives remember them as two young colts chasing each other around the ring. "They were two tomboys, locking each other in closets," said George's aunt Mary Carter Walker. "They were just real tomboys."

Barbara played soccer at Ashley Hall, the girls school she attended in Charleston, South Carolina; she also played tennis and said she could hold her breath and swim two laps under water, all of which validated her with the rampaging athletic Bushes. Her mother discouraged her interest in sports as "unladylike." Pauline Robinson Pierce would have preferred a more feminine daughter, less rambunctious than the clumsy overweight youngster who was forever knocking into antique tables and breaking precious pieces of Chinese porcelain. Barbara, the third of four children, had spent most of her life as the ugly-duckling daughter of an elegant beauty. Her older sister, Martha, slim and stunningly glamorous, had made the cover of Vogue in 1940. Barbara, unfortunately, was built like her large-boned father [that could've been actually Crowley?]. Her mother treated her like a discarded refrigerator. As a defense, she ate constantly and developed a caustic tongue.

"I thought she was really mean and sarcastic [when we were growing up]," said June Biedler, a childhood friend whom Barbara teased for having a painful stammer. This cruelty, Biedler suggested, may have been the result of having "a mother that was a little mean to her."

Unlike George, Barbara was not close to any of her siblings.

She couldn't compete with her [beautiful] older sister, five years her senior, and she was squeezed between two brothers. Jim, the older, had behavioral problems, and Scott, the younger, had physical problems (a cyst in the bone marrow of his shoulder), which preoccupied their parents.

Barbara felt deprived of their attention and affection. She compensated in scratchy ways, developing a prickly and feisty personality."

this was copied from one of the comments regarding Joseph's linking BB as the illegitimate child of Crowley:

# posted by Anonymous : 11:15 PM

homepage: homepage: http://cannonfire.blogspot.com/2006/04/george-w-bush-barbara-bush-and.html

the AntiChrist? 17.Apr.2006 19:00

rodentia citizen

could be. could very well be....

bush 19.Apr.2006 17:15

is evil

it matters not whose sperm is in his dna
and besides...the antichrist is supposed to be revered

all over this country and the world,
Bush is seen exactly how Hugo Chavez terms him - Mr. Danger!

It All Makes sense. 03.Mar.2007 18:26


If this premise is indeed true, then it would explain a lot and things fall into place. Icke always spoke of select bloodlines, to keep the agenda alive.

The picture that says it all... 05.May.2007 07:35

Bush is the grandson of the self-confessed anti-christ!