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Treesit outside of Representative Baird's Vancouver Office

There is a tree sit outside of Representative Brian Baird's Office in Vancouver to protest his new salvage logging bill. There will be a rally with the O2 collective at the sit on Tuesday the 18th.
In the early morning of Sun. April 16th Adrian Haley, a concerned citizen, climbed 60' up a tree outside Rep. Brian Baird's Vancouver, WA office. He plans to perch in the tree until Sat April 22nd and descend during an Earth Day celebration planned in Fort Vancouver. Mr. Haley is protesting Rep. Baird's decision to cosponsor the Forest Emergency Recovery and Research Act - HR4200, and his continual disregard for the growing majority of science showing post-fire logging hinders forest regeneration.

Adrian Haley's Statement: "Baird continues to ignore overwhelming evidence that Logging in a burnt forest slows the recovery process, and increases fire risk. Salvage logging in burned areas contradicts the very title of this bill 'Recovery and Research' and is by no means "a responsible, common-sense bill" as Baird states. Baird would ignore good science to create bad policy. A dead tree supports significantly more life for a forest then a live tree, and to remove these snags would be to remove the heart beat of the forest."

HR4200 seeks to fast-track post-fire logging by suspending environmental safeguards and reducing the American publics ability to give their input; all under the guise of forest restoration. Rep. Baird has said, I don't accept the data or the premise." when referring to peer-reviewed studies like the Donato study that seems to contradict the non-peer-reviewed study he bases his legislation on. Dominik DellaSala, Ph.D., a forest ecologist for the World Wildlife Fund says, " Of the more than 30 scientific papers on post-fire logging published to date, not a single one indicates that logging after fires provides benefits to ecosystems regenerating after disturbances." 169 scientists, mostly professors, signed a statement asking Congress not to pass HR4200 because, "Ironically this legislation is crafted to ignore the science... " yet Baird still thinks his science is correct.

On Tuesday April 18th at 1pm a festive press conference will be held outside of Rep. Baird's Vancouver office in Fort Vancouver. The Oxygen Collective will join Mr. Haley's support crew with their 40' biodiesel bus and many props showing the truth behind Wildfire Science. Coffee and donuts will be on hand for the press.

Good Action 16.Apr.2006 17:43


I'll try to be there. I've thought of carrying an upside-down tree seedling, but don't know how I'd manage. Suggestions?

Update on the Action 16.Apr.2006 19:45

ANT bairdsbadbill@care2.com

We had a crazy day and the police were really ontop of things. At first the lower level cops showed up around 10:30 and were really cool and thought things would be chill until Mon. when the big wigs would make decisions about arrestests etc. Then a little later the Chief of Police showed upand changed the whole situation. He started playing hard ball and said, "NO MATTER WHAT, HE IS COMMING OUT OF THAT TREE TODAY!". We played a little hard ball with him and soon the folks who had control over the property showed up. They were furious and wanted Adrian out of the tree even sooner than the officer. We played our little back and forth game and soon realized that we had to compromise since the media would not be there to witness the police extracting him from the tree. We did get 2 TV stations to come out and shoot the action earlier(watch ch 8 & 6 tonite. We tried to delay as much as possible and when the giant fire truck with the extension ladder showed up we knew we had to give in.

We agreed to to come down if:
1)Noone would be charge cited or arrested
2)None of our gear would be confiscated
3)We could have a meeting with Baird's staff and be allowed to have media be there afterwards

It definitly wasn't ideal, but we would have had none of that and not had media or a story.

WE PLAN ON MEETING WITH BAIRD's STAF TOMMOROW(Mon April 17th)@ 1pm. We are having 2 events in the next 2 days. One is the meeting. Please show up if you can, and the second we are still planning on having a rally outside Baird's office on Tues. at 1pm.

E-MAIL  bairdsbadbill@care2.com for info or questions