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No Human Being is Illegal, April 14th Report

Today over 1000 young people from throughout the Portland Metro area gathered in the South Park Blocks to say "No Human Being is Illegal." I arrived at the rally organized by PCASC just a few minutes before the noon start time. There was a light rain and it appeared they were attempting to put up a tent for the sound equipment and doing a sound check. There were more than 300 people gathered when I showed up, with people pouring in from all around.

I walked around the gathering place for awhile taking pictures and taking in a scene that was unfamiliar to me: people excited about street protest. One speaker spoke to the crowd "we are not criminals, we are not illegals. this struggle is not just for latinos, it is for everbody." There were many chants and screams, roars from the demonstrators when the speakers finished sentences, it was inspiring. By 12:30, I would estimate that there were around 600 people listening to the speakers, the speaker around then, a young woman said "This is about Human Rights. This is a youth movement happening across the country, this is the civil rights movement of OUR generation," and many people cheered for that statement.

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no human being is illegal
no human being is illegal