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Sea Lions at Risk

According to NPR this morning (I know...NPR...), fishermen along the coast are lobbying to be allowed to begin hunting sea lions again. The hunts were halted 30 years ago, after sea lion populations were decimated. Since their numbers are almost approaching pre-hunt levels, fishermen want to be able to kill them again due to competition over dwindling fish.
Sea lions have been part of the Cascadian ecosystem since the beginning of history. It is not the sea lions who are to blame for the disappearance of the ancient salmon runs, it is humans. It is over-fishing, gill nets, dams, and pollutants. But the fishermen are blaming the sea lions because it's easier to kill defenseless animals than to breach dams or change opulant lifestyles. Please call your representatives, and officials in the city of Gold Beach to express your disapproval of any plans to harass or kill sea lions. Let them know that the only way to bring back the salmon is to stop over-fishing and start removing dams. The sea lions do not owe their lives to the fishing industry, which is doomed anyway unless humans are curbed.

Please contact your representatives NOW to speak out for the sea lions. Those who would like to do more, please do. Take a moment, or more, to do something.
Re: Sea Lions at Risk 13.Apr.2006 12:33

Watching from The Bank

You're absolutely right!

Because man (government and industry) erected these dams its given the sea lions the ability to assist in the decimation of both the salmon returning to spawn and the resident sturgeon. Like a fox, they lay in wait ripping the stomach from their prey for the tasty meal they prefer.

This wouldn't be such an issue if in river Commercial Gillnetters hadn't been given the ability to "Stake Out" the salmon runs and decimate them. Now their industry is in jeopardy - as it should be. There is no place for an "In River" gill net fishery on the Columbia or any river, commercial or tribal. But it's too little and far too late.

Tribal rights granted by treaties dictate that native americans have the opportunity to harvest these mammals which may be required to protect the few returning salmon and steelhead, as well as the resident sturgeon.

My message - get rid of the dams and in river gill netting and the river may eventually return to something similar to what it once was.

Eagles eat salmon too 14.Apr.2006 08:00

Sea Lion Jihad

Well , if eating salmon warrants the death penalty , then its time for me to stock up on shotgun shells, because where we live , we see bald eagles eating salmon almost daily. These greedy eagles seem to think that they have some God-given right to just swoop down and grab a salmon whenever they feel like it. I say , that for every sea lion killed , we shoot ten or so American eagles. We have already sent a letter to KATU informing them of our intentions. If sea lions can be killed for "stealing" the fishermens salmon , then it is only fair that we carry this out across the board. SLJ