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Throw the Globalists Out !

America is in serious trouble if we don't come to grips with the truth. Globalists dominate our economy, and foreign policy and it is leading to America's destruction. There are ways out.
Economic ties, Not Spiritual
Economic ties, Not Spiritual

Bush o'kayed CIA leak?

Bush o'kayed CIA leak, Part 2

This administration lied about the real reasons for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The real reasons for war were oil and the need to replenish war materials for corporate profit (current Bush and Cheney familes 'financial ties), drugs(CIA source of funding its clanestine operations) and protecting Zionist Israel (Israel lost its cheap source of oil in the Iranian revolution, and needs it back, and was threatened by Iraq in the Persian Gulf war, remember the skud missles)

They referred to 911 as the reason terrorists had to be stopped. PNAC had its Plans, in Rebuilding America's Defenses to become the world's Dominiant Power, way before 911, but they concluded it would take a New Pearl Harbor to make it happen. Their alliances with other wealthy elites, Made 911 happen. Arab monarchies were threatened by people looking for more freedom and change, Israeli Mossad have by deception assassinated, and started wars pro Israeli expansion (Libyia), and our own privately controlled Federal reserve Trust is owned and controlled by European bankers. Our Council of Foreign Relations is saturated with these wealthy globalists.

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Muslims weren't the Enemy who attacked us on 911!
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The globalists are driving America deeper and deeper into debt, and they're the ones profitting from these wars.
Hard to believe our tax money supports an organization that takes an oath to smash infants heads against the wall? It does and here is how. Read on



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See the writings of Serman Skolnick on the Vatican's control of banks in America.

See who owns most of Chase Manhattan Bank.

See which private banks control the Federal Reserve, do some serious research.

See how the Council of Foreign Relations is Chaired by the same Chairman Peterson, who also chaired Blackstone group, who had been the mortage holder of the WTC and recepient of its insurance after its controlled demolition, because it was a financial impossiblity to remove its asbestoes any other way.

This administration is only creating terrorists by its use of torture, preemptive bombing, and targeting Muslims, and ultimately Iran.
They claimed it was a war on Terrorism. Now they're calling it the long war. It is a war to benifit the very wealthy globalists at the expense of the rest of humanity.


 http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/Two Washington insider items: there is growing chatter from the Pentagon that relations between the uniformed military leadership and the political civilian hierarchy are at an all time low. Many current and retired flag rank officers are criticizing the Iraq war and warning that any attack on Iran will be the last straw. In this context, the "last straw" may include proactive action to curtail the Bush administration's control of U.S. military forces.

The good news is that we CAN stop them. Top military people are already prepared to resign rather than attack Iran, according to Seymour Hersh. As 9/11 truth builds momentum, they may go one step further than resigning--they may stage a constitutional counter-coup and try the 9/11 criminals for treason. If we make enough noise, they'll have to.
Gen. Pace to Troops: Don't Nuke Iran
Illegal, immoral orders should be disobeyed
by Jorge Hirsch


At the luncheon of the National Press Club on Feb. 17, 2006, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Peter Pace, was asked by his interviewer, John Donnelly: "Should people in the U.S. military disobey orders that they believe are illegal?" Pace's response:

"It is the absolute responsibility of everybody in uniform to disobey an order that is either illegal or immoral."

Conclusion: The chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff has warned everybody in uniform that if they execute an illegal or immoral order or they instruct their subordinates to execute an illegal and immoral order involving the use of any kind of weapon of mass destruction, they are derelict in their "absolute responsibility," and consequently fully responsible for the "crimes against humanity" resulting from their choice. You obey your orders at your own risk. This includes every soldier and commander in the U.S. armed forces. It includes you, Gen. John Abizaid. Thank you, Gen. Pace.
A solemn oath 12.Apr.2006 11:20

Jody Paulson

When I enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1993, like all members of the armed forces I took this oath:

"I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic"

I do not consider George W. Bush to be the rightfully elected president. I think that anyone who would steal our elections, democracy, and civil rights belongs to the category of "domestic enemy."