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15000+ Rally in Salem for Immigrant Rights

On Sunday, I was one of at least 15 thousand people gathered at the steps of Oregon's state capital, waving flags and calling for legislation that respects the role of immigrant workers in US society. After a two-hour rally, the largely Latino group marched in a circle around the capital mall, while passing cars honked their approval.

The protest, called by Oregon's Farmworker Union, PCUN and endorsed by a number of unions and labor organizations including Jobs with Justice and VOZ - the Worker's Rights Education Project, was a prelude to Monday's National Day of Action for Immigrants Rights, which all told drew hundreds of thousands to the streets to express opposition to pending anti-immigration legislation in Congress.

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On the streets of Seattle today....a tremendous day
It's easy to get overwhelmed with emotion on a day like today: Hundreds of thousands of people in the streets demanding respect, equality, RIGHTS!---and overwhelming proletarian. Maybe 20,000 marched in Seattle, maybe 40,000, I can't say. All I know is that I when I stopped to rest and wait for a couple comrades to come by the crowd just kept coming, and coming, and coming... .maybe for 40 minutes, maybe for nearly an hour. more from seattle: AUDIO from Seattle Immigrant Rights March 4-10 | At least 50,000 marching in Seattle
Thousands March for Immigrant Rights Downtown
Here in Portland, several groups put together a rally, and amazingly thousands of people showed up considering it was put together almost at the last minute, and news of it was spread mostly by mouth. (I knew about the day of action because people had been passing around a flyer, but I didn't know that there would be a march until I ran into some people who were going to it). If you were downtown today, you couldn't miss the thousands of people in the streets.

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Salem, Apr 9
Salem, Apr 9