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US MISinfo.state.gov

The US govt keeps a 'misinformation' site. Hardly monitored for quality control, here we can learn about the US Minitrues efforts to control our perceptions of its actions.
thank you for posting the link, brian. 08.Apr.2006 08:40

this thing here

check this out everyone. all this "information" is from the heart of the beast. the irony of this official site is simply unbelievable.

Confessions -- or Fantasies -- of an Economic Hit Man?


Did a Plane Hit the Pentagon?.


9/11 Revealed?



How to Identify Misinformation

How can a journalist or a news consumer tell if a story is true or false? There are no exact rules, but the following clues can help indicate if a story or allegation is true.

Does the story fit the pattern of a conspiracy theory?
Does the story fit the pattern of an "urban legend?"
Does the story contain a shocking revelation about a highly controversial issue?
Is the source trustworthy?
What does further research tell you?


ha ha. i wish this were funny. the very fact that the u.s. gvernment has gone through all the effort to set up an official (mis)information site, with these kinds of official statements (meaning misinformation delievery vehicles), clearly shows exactly which theories and charges are most concerning to them. certainly, we can see that defending the official 9-11 myth is of primary importance, along with always trying to paint a pretty picture of everything the u.s. does. it's rancid, frankly. in a way, it defeats them at their own game, because now anyone who goes to this site can see that if they're up to defending this or that, spraying clouds of air freshener over their manure piles and trying to fan away the flies, then there must be something to hide. and, to have an entire web page titled "How to Identify Misinformation" on a website who's ENTIRE PURPOSE is to peddle misinformation is just sickening.