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Sacred Activisim Conference

On May 11-14, 2006, the Sarcred Activisim Conference --Finding a New Political Compass for America, will be held at the Lynnwood Convention Center, just north of Seattle.
The purpose of this conference is to take a stand for progressive values and to galvanize a deeper connection between our spritural practices and social action.
for more info:  http://www.wisdomuniversity.org/
There is a growing movement looking to connect spirituality with political activisim and conferences have been held in San Francisco and Washington, DC. The conference offers talks and workshops by a wide array of people, some are nationally known while others are local activists.

Thursday, May 11th Evening - The 2-day conference opens Thursday night with a keynote session --and people can just opt to attend this keynote session--which will bring:
"Stop the War in Iraq", Cindy Sheehan, social activist
"A Contemporary Look at Urban Concerns", Sheley Secrest, President
Seattle King Co Branch of NAACP
"Environment, Race and the Future of America", Robert Kennedy Jr.,
Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council
"The Sacred Activist", Caroline Myss, PhD
"The Mystic Teachings of all Ages", Mystical Scholar Andrew Harvey

There is a day-long workshop on Thursday with Caronlin Myss on the "Sacred Activist as Mystic, Warrior and Healer," and another day-long workshop with Jean Houston "The Divine Feminine: The Gateway to the Wisdom Civilization."

Friday and Saturday have multiple workshops and panels, covering politics, theatre, media, community economies, non-violent action, etc. etc., as well as music, poetry, yoga, meditation and more keynote speakers.

Details can be found at Wisdom University's site:

Smite the neocons... 07.Apr.2006 20:25

Pravda or Consequences

and eat the rich!

Save The World! (With VISA or Mastercard) 08.Apr.2006 14:11

Aunt B

Wow man. Like, this TOTALLY empowers my inner child with the love and living light of blissful knowledge and understanding (that, upon checking the details, one can, for the mere pittance of $459.00, have an ass-load of self-flattering sage smoke blown up one's ass by surrounding oneself with a buncha' lame-ass talkers every bit as pathetic and pretentious as oneself). Meanwhile, awesome native forests all around Cascadia are slamming to the ground, being raped, stolen from us and sold as a small scattered tribe of tired grubby REAL forest defenders FIGHT BACK and try to make it stop on a shoestring budget.Maybe Jesus or Vishnu or Ja or (best yet!), JULIA! will come floating out of the clouds (with a $50,000.00 check) and make everything right. Until then, Lettuce Prey for the pure ethereal transcendence of divine spirituality as expressed in the graceful flowing arc of a flying piss jug.

An 08.Apr.2006 18:56


Their website says they accept Mastercharge and Visa, very sacred vibe.

Aunt B 09.Apr.2006 10:36


Yer my SHERO!