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Health Care...Who Cares?

Who cares about health care?
There's all this talk about the "health care crisis" and the uninsured and costs rising.
Why do we care?
And what the hell can we do about it anyway?
Do you care about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? That's in our Declaration of Independence, right? Well, without health care, too many in Oregon and the nation lose their lives, their liberty, and sure have a tough time pursuing happiness.

Massachusetts (of all places) practically unanimously approved a universal health care bill yesterday. It is going to be signed by a Republican governor. Though that is a scary thought to some, and the efforts are, so far, only a framework, they are at least a step forward.

Oregon has to take the leap too. Working together we can achieve affordable, sustainable health care for all Oregonians by November 2008.
We have to decide as Oregonians and Americans what we want for ourselves and our children. Like Massachusetts did yesterday, Oregonians can use the great equalizer, health care, to break through partisan bickering that's frozen our legislature.

Get health care reform moving and maybe real campaign finance reform (not addressed here but a great thing to support)? Wow, Oregon would be a really different place in 2008...

Join us at the Belmont Library this Saturday from 11-12:30 for The Healthy Oregon Plan Initiative meeting.

This is a grassroots effort and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

If you can't come to the meeting, go the website:


Check it out and please sign-up to help.

Now is the time for action!

Immigration has leapt to the forefront of the media and legislation and HALF A MILLION in L.A. have shown "the power of the people" - all in a period of a few WEEKS!

Let's do the same thing with health care! Our lives and the lives of our children depend on it!

homepage: homepage: http://www.healthyoregon.net

hum..... 07.Apr.2006 21:47


a universal health care bill! THAT IS NOT what they passed.

They didn't limit the income the medical profession can make, they didn't
deal with insurance industry greed (the feed into it, this is going to make them
billions) and they didn't penalize employers that don't provide insurance (250 bucks
per employee a YEAR is not a penalty.)

They simply passed a law that says poor people MUST purchase insurance. Mark my words,
when they finally attach numbers to who will and will not be eligable for free health care

I'm open to see if it works 08.Apr.2006 10:39


The bill may not be perfect but lets at least see what happens before we shoot it down. This is certainly better than Oregon's system. If it works we have a model we can use, if it doesn't, we won't have to entertain the idea of that system here in Oreogn.

I agree that a single-payer system would be much better where the Health Care Insurer had full authority to reign in outrageous doctor fees, eliminate insurance profits, marketing and tax expense, negotiate firmly with pharmaceutical companies and insure all citizens an equal opportunity to health care.