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More Obsfuscation in Rove-Plame Libby Trial

Even as prosecutor Fitzgerald files papers to bring the purgery trial of Cheney's right-hand man to a speedy close, defendant I.Lewis "Scooter" LIbby continues to obsfuscate. Now he claims "Bush Authorized Leaks of Highly Classified Iraq Intel to Bolster Case for War", and his story is eaten up eagerly by the anti-war crowd. How about if we get on with his trial for 5 counts of purgery and lying to a grand jury before we rely on his words to bolster a noble cause?

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failed to paste in the BODY of the story 07.Apr.2006 14:57

David Roknich

complete story, complete with court documents in rich text and PDF format:
 link to electromagnet.us

you too? 09.Apr.2006 12:37


It's P-E-R-J-U-R-Y dammit.

corrections - 10.Apr.2006 11:31


I appreciate your eyes:)
PERJURY has been corrected on my site -
I will send email regarding this and several other spelling errors to the IMC staff
along with corrected copy. The originals were typed in the "heat of battle" without