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Heroes Hard at Work

The Portland Police are hard-working modern-day heroes that keep our cities safe from menacing thugs, like the kind that stand in doorways and use cellular phones.
Last night at approximately 10:45 pm I had the good fortune of witnessing the Portland Police violently apprehend a dangerous criminal on SW Washington.

The police were concerned that there may have been underage drinking taking place at a private party downtown. The young man who was working the door, checking IDs, was told by police that he needed to let them in. The young man said that he had specific instructions not to, and that they needed a warrant to enter the property. The man pulled out his cell phone and called someone inside to notify them that the police were demanding entrance.

This was apparently a threat to society, or at least the people in the immediate area, because the police then grabbed the man's arm, twisting it until he dropped his phone, ganged up on him and arrested him, slamming his head on the concrete in the process.

I'm so glad the police took the precautionary measures of using excessive force to apprehend an innocent civilian, because otherwise he could have done something crazy like...go inside. Or worse yet, someone may have come down to TALK to the police! Could you imagine... a peaceful resolution to the problem?!

I understand that the police have a job to do, and that in attempting to curb underage drinking they were doing what was required of them. What I don't understand is that how only a few minutes into the matter they took it upon themselves to apprehend and injure someone who was in no way a threat to anyone. Was tackling a kid, twisting his arm, and slamming his head on the concrete a necessary maneuver to getting inside?

I've been living here for 6 months, and in that time I've heard of (and witnessed) numerous cases of police using excessive force and brutality, not to mention outright MURDER in some of the towns in the Portland Metro area. It amazes me that this is such a burgeoning, progressive city and yet a noticeable portion of the police are power-abusing yokels. With such a high level of citizen participation in community and government, one would think that the police might actually be part of the community, and be conscious enough to deal with minor offenses with any tact.

This city is making huge strides in many areas like public transportation, progressive politics, economic, political and social activism, creative arts and culture, sustainable living, and community-building. Unfortunately the police department has a long, long way to go.
Portland Police 08.Apr.2006 08:21

Den Mark, Vancouver

Portland cops are ultimate bullies. I've seen them many times violently grab & slam young guys & young women, too, cops each weighing 50, 70, 90, 110 pounds more than their victims, multiple cops ganging up on individual victims. Victims are not to defend themselves, either, because if anyone did reasonably defend him/herself against the cop-cowards, torture & possible death would follow. Cop-thugs would cry, "I felt my life was in danger," & the "grand" jury would agree. This happens often in "liberal, progressive" Portland. And yet, self-styled "liberal progressive" types are currently defending derrick foxworthless, as he presides over this insanity.

payback time is coming 08.Apr.2006 09:27

a true warrior

[Quote]This was apparently a threat to society, or at least the people in the immediate area, because the police then grabbed the man's arm, twisting it until he dropped his phone, ganged up on him and arrested him, slamming his head on the concrete in the process.[Quote]

The police are a threat to society, and they should remember that what goes
around comes around....and it is only a matter of time before the police get
grabbed by the arms, have them twisted, and have their heads slammed into a
sidewalk or wall. The wanna-be bad boys (and girls) should only concern
themselves with their standard pig fare....donuts and coffee.
Remember this well Porkies & Porkettes.....there will be no place for you to

portland piggies 08.Apr.2006 12:24

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

set up cameras and tape the instances, then you'll have proof of the police brutality. good for lawsuits and change.

Location? 08.Apr.2006 15:12


Where did this take place? Was it someone FROM SW Washington?

No 08.Apr.2006 16:24

Den Mark, Vancouver

SW Washington is a street in downtown Portland, gk.

working together for a better tomorrow 08.Apr.2006 22:41


It is said that you need freinds in high places, so I incurage you to offer your self too powerful people, not sell out but to give your services as a selfless patron , and Make certain your services are of nessessity to your Community, Then if a act like this Patriotic Pig take and Obstructs your duty as a servant you will be valued as a unreplaceable assett, cops have too be very carefull too not cross this boundry even if your moonlight as a simple Bouncer, the underestamated Pig will always be judgemental and make grave mistakes, sooner or later the cost of his mistakes will be acted apon, and a new aproach to this kind of harasment will be Monitored very closelly, The only real reason this happens is because most people like the bouncer are not knowinglly active in there community, you need to be just as pronounced in your publics eye as your Pigs reputatation as a civil servant, once you have established a close relation with your comminities leaders and peoples they will see the unjust as a attack against them, they will defend you in there name. People need to be Activelly commited to working together, not activilly working for them selfs, this is why corperate america is hated so much???

they are cowards 18.Apr.2006 21:20


Of course the cops slammed the guy on the phone. He's just lucky they didn't shoot and kill him like they do to any mental health patient, any minority making an illegal turn, or anyone who happens to be sleeping outside a cop's sister's house. Someday I hope that a cop needs my help so I can spit in their eye. They are all uneducated cowards.