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0407 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Friday, April 7th, 2006
1. Oregon's crop of Republican candidates isn't all that fresh. Most of their ideas have been around the track a few times. Mannix, Saxton and Atkinson jostled with one another for first place in the pro-business race. Capital gains tax? Out! Environment? Way out!
2. Last night the Democratic candidates the gubernatorial primary had their first public debate last night. Sorenson, Hill and Kulongoski didn't exactly 'square off'; more like 'circled the wagons.' Unions are backing away from Kulongoski and environmentalists are none too happy with the Guv either.
3. One thing Kulongoski did do is call the inevitable Special Session. What's 'special' about it is that at last we are confronting the financial crisis that is education and social services. One last chance to confront the Corporate World with the reality of good citizenship. If these companies were people they would be required to pay taxes - wait... they already have personhood, personhood without taxes! Wheeeee1
4. The Feds are wading into the West Coast's fishless waters. Feds: "The fish are gone. Stop fishing." Fisheries: "But we have to fish because we are fisheries." Feds: "You did that. The fish are gone. Go home."
5. Oregon has just realized that outsourcing high-paid "consulting" jobs has cost it a potfull of money which might otherwise have gone to addressing other problems such as #3 above... . (I personally feel I would make a fabulous "high-paid consultant": Causes of poverty? No money. Causes of homelessness? No house. Causes of hunger? No food. Done! Now where's my check?)
6. The Defense Department wants to continue the age-old tradition of supporting the annual Boy Scout Jamboree. And here's why: # 1. Because it gives soldiers practice dealing with "displaced people." And #2. Because "It's a great recruiting tool." A lawyer for the Justice Department said that the Jamboree produces conditions similar to those soldiers may face while serving in Iraq" Knot-tying? Leatherwork? Canoe skills? What????
7. Twenty-seven thousand acres of Texas burned up.
8. Two New York City cops got arrested for pulling hits for the Mafia.
9. A former Senate aide is being sued by her Senator for writing a sexually explicit blog. If you have ever wondered where little Republicans come from, check out her blog on Wonkette.
10. Bush authorized Scooter Libby (Senior aide to dick Cheney and quite a bright star in the pornography firmament himself!) to leak sensitive information involving Niger, Plame and Wilson.
11. A Guantanamo Bay detainee told a courtroom yesterday that he had been extraordinarily rendered and tortured. He also requested the court to refer to him as 'Count Dracula.' (It's called 'The Moussaoui Defense')
12. Iran says that it may have missed the New Year/Spring Equinox deadline for getting their Euro-based oil bourse up and running. But they are still on track. Heads up, world currency markets!)
13. Israeli Defense Forces arrested a Palestinian Cabinet Minister as he triesd to enter the West Bank from Jerusalem yesterday.
14. A British court has found the Israeli soldier who shot and killed a BBC camerman guilty of murder.
15. Nigeria's Vice President Abubakar wants President Olusegun Obasanjo to step down because Obasanjo has been trying to winkle the constitution so he can run for a third term.
16. Beijing is going to ban driving in the run-up to the 2008 games. The world's most polluted city wants the air clear enough so athletes won't keel over dead and spectators can spectate without actually joining the athletes down the field.
17. The ocean has soaked up so much carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels that it has became more acidic. How mush more acidic, you ask? Try this: the smallest creatures at the bottom of the food chain are dying off, which of course means that in time, all the rest of the larger creatures are doomed as well.
18. Bombs exploded on two buses in a working class district of Colombia's capital yesterday.
19. And Indonesia has a new money-making idea (Because they are running out of oil? Pertamina? Hello?)

Excellent 07.Apr.2006 12:45

Den Mark, Vancouver

Excellent summary. Thanks. Summary of the summary: humans taken as a whole are nuts.