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Oregon company linked to torture flights

Bush's okay of the Valerie Plame leak made it to the front page of The O today, but here's a local story they missed. Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing anything about the Amnesty report at all.
McMinnville's Evergreen International Airlines was identified Wednesday in a report by Amnesty International as a private company the U.S. government probably used to transfer "war on terror" prisoners to secret locations in countries that condone or ignore the use of torture.

The human rights organization linked the so-called "rendition" flights directly to the CIA, an agency with which Evergreen's ties have been previously documented, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense, which can authorize privately owned aircraft to land at American military bases worldwide.

Full story:

Evergreen has a long history 09.Apr.2006 07:06


I remember protesting at Evergreen in the 80's. They had been providing
helicopters to Central American governments that then used them to mow
down civilians. While we were protesting a black helicopter with a long
narrow shaft protuding from the side circled the protesters. No one was
intimidated by this illegal act.