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Iowa Senator Tom Harkin disgusted with Dems

Senator Harkin can't understand the failure of most of his fellow Democratic senators to support the Feingold resolution.


"The American people need to show support for this resolution."

E-mail, call Senator Wyden!
Appearing on the Bill Press Show today, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin had some harsh words for his fellow Democrats over their refusal to support Russ Feingold's Censure Resolution:

Bill Press:

< Senator Tom Harkin our guest on The Bill Press Show. Senator, your colleague and buddy Russ Feingold had a hearing last Friday on his motion to censure President Bush over the NSA spying program. Why haven't more democrats lined up behind him?>

Senator Tom Harkin:

<Well, Bill, quite frankly I don't know, and I'm embarassed that more democrats haven't lined up on this. I mean, for crying out loud, the republicans, they can see fit to impeach... IMPEACH a president, Bill Clinton for lying about having an extramarital affair. But they won't stand for a censure. The democrats don't have the guts to stand up to censure a president who misled us, who lied to the American people, who broke the law and violated the Constitution of the United States in spying on the American people. I tell you, we've got to get some more backbone to a lot of democrats. We need to hear from people. We need to hear from people. The American people need to know, and to show support for this resolution. >

Hopeless 07.Apr.2006 07:09

Den Mark, Vancouver

As long as DNC is owned as it is by corporate interests, democrats will not be what "true believers" want them to be. Only with bottom-up politics is there hope, which is what Greens are trying, awkwardly, but trying.

Greens have called for impeachment 07.Apr.2006 09:02

Brian the Green

but his wife is happy 08.Apr.2006 19:50


about all those $$$$ she brings home as a corporate lobbyist.

"Greens have called for impeachment"

Brian the Green. can you hear the sound of one hand clapping?