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Protest Newmont Mining’s Shareholder Meeting

On April 25th various indigenous peoples are mobilizing resistance to Newmont Mining Corporation's annual shareholder's meeting in Denver, Colorado. Diverse forms of protest and direct action are required to effectively stop Newmont's war against indigenous peoples and the environment.
It is appalling and unsurprising that capitalist venturing is harming the same communities it has forced to struggle during 500 years of colonialism. We must use our first world privilege to amplify their voices on the ground where capitalists feel most comfortable. Many people must resist in many different ways throughout the world to fight for their livelihood. We are called upon to react in ways that are appropriate, virulent and responsible to the worldwide struggle for liberation.

Newmont Mining controls operations in 20 locations on every continent except for Antarctica. Many of these mining operations are located on indigenous people's lands without consideration for indigenous or human rights. Newmont also destroys ecosystems that have long been undisturbed. The mining practices pollute the environment so that regeneration is impossible. Because Newmont's harm extends to global proportions, direct resistance requires a mass summit global mobilization.

Newmont Corporation is the world's largest gold producer. As it extracts gold from the earth for profit, it ignores the costs that its operations exact on indigenous communities, the environment, and on worker and human rights.

Newmont Mining is based in Denver, CO and they will be holding their annual stockholders meeting on April 25th in Denver.

Newmont and their cohorts are responsible for:

96% of US arsenic emissions
50% of all newly mined gold is taken, often illegally, from native lands
Groundwater thousands of times more acidic than battery acid
Implications in human rights abuses
79 tons of mine waste for every ounce of gold
Employs only 0.09% of the global workforce
Up to 10% of world energy consumption
Craters blasted and environmental destruction in officially protected natural areas
Marine ecosystem destruction through the use of "Subterranean Tailings Disposal" (STDs)
The use of cyanide leach mining

Please take the time to explore our educational links and we are sure you will be so disturbed that you will be joining us in the streets of Denver, Colorado on April 25th.

This corporation needs to go down; plan something, don't tell us about it, come to Denver and make it happen. Two things to keep in mind: One, the representatives of communities being mined request that the shareholder meeting itself not be interfered with. In short, the streets are ours, inside the meeting is not ours. Two, the FBI is listening. Mind your manners, eh?

Please do tell us if you are coming to town so that we can hook you up with housing and plug you into activities. On April 24th there is an all day conference about Newmont. April 25th is the day of action. Please come on over!  STOPNEWMONT@hotmail.com

For more information go to www.stopnewmont.org and Western Shoshone Defense Project www.wsdp.org or email us at  STOPNEWMONT@hotmail.com.

homepage: homepage: http://www.stopnewmont.org

clarification requested 07.Apr.2006 00:08

curious figures kill cats

"Newmont and their cohorts are responsible for: ...
... Up to 10% of world energy consumption."

Just who are their cohorts? It is a financial impossibility that one mining company is using anywhere near 10% of the world's energy. So are we talking about ALL gold mining companies? All mining companies? All companies that extract things from the Earth?

If we're talking about all mining companies, well, mining is energy intensive. No doubt that we need to reduce, re-use, and recycle, but I'm not ready to live in a world where we have no newly extracted minerals whatsoever. To no longer mine gold sounds fine with me, but then we have the issue of reduced production of other things that come from gold mines. That may be ok, but be ready to work a lot more for a lot less.

Parched or Poisoned 07.Apr.2006 19:58

Red Cape

When it comes to a choice between heavy metals or clean drinking water, I will take the water thank you very much.

The average human can live about three days without water.

Without the heavy metals involved in most extractive industries, humans can live a lifetime.

It's obscene how much water Newmont uses in its toxic operatations, not to mention how much water it poisons.

If allowed to continue with impunity, Newmont Mining will force people around the world to choose between being parched or being poisoned.

ok Newmont sucks 10.Apr.2006 21:13

curious figures

I'm not saying anything good about Newmont. I believe that they suck eggs.

What I am saying is that some figures need explaining. Rather than explaining, you've presented us with a false dichotomy. Parched or poisoned? The truth is that this is about shades of gray. Newmont sucks. They should be forced into shape, or out of business. Other companies are probably much better. Fine. I wish you all the best in stopping Newmont from continued dastardly behavior.

But please don't forget that most of the world recognizes that we can conintue to mine and have water. You're not parched, are you? Yet we've been abusing the world hardcore for a long time. You do have metals don't you? Like the gold used to make your computer chip? Yes. And the Platinum and Palladium used in catalytic converters? Us energy addicts want the metals, damnit! Give us the friggin' metals and let us kill ourselves!!!!