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9/11 discussions on xm satellite radio comedy shows (with clip)

XM Satellite radio Cringe-comedy radio shows talk about the cringe-reality with 9/11. Calls from 9/11truth.org
XM satellite radio
XM satellite radio
XM 202 "High Voltage" has two shows both in NYC. Opie and Anthony, and Ron and Fez. Both shows based in NYC before during and after 9/11, since moved to XM 202 along with their millions of fans all across the country.

These shows are known for their brutal comedic insights on hypocracy, race, gender, sex or even child murder, which, given the right context, will bring uncomfortable chuckles to those who listen. Thats where we get "cringe comedy".

I just happen to be a long time fan of both shows and love my XM. So yesterday, on my day off, the ron and fez show was on and 9/11 ws the topic! How exciting, my personal obsession on my favorite radio shows!

What you will hear is the unfiltered truth about how people really think, when it comes to 9/11, the Iraq war, Bush, being in NYC on 9/11 and it all starts off with discussion about the new "Flight 93" movie that is previewing in theaters now.

Some of the stupid shit i was hearing made me call, I never called a radio show before, besides to get free Further Fest. tix back in '97(got them).

I think my call went very well, if you want to hear, just skip to 35:25, I tried hard not to just say anything as fact, instead point out simple observations, and simple physics, and let them do the rest, as they did just that! Right after my call, John Gold from 9/11truth.org calls and it looks like they will have in on as a guest in the future!

Keep in mind that this is UNCENSORED. This is satellite radio and everybody has potty mouth, just like real life.

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