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Green Scare Alert: Four new indictments!

A federal grand jury in Sacramento yesterday handed down four indictments for arson at the BLM's Litchfield Wild Horse Corral near Susanville, California. No new arrests occured.
Indictees include Darren Thurston, Joseph Dibee and Rebecca Rubin who have already been indicted in relation to the large, overarching Oregon case. Also indicted is Justin Solondz, 26, who has not been charged in any of the other Northwest eco-actions. No new arrests were made. Dibee, Rubin and Solondz are all listed by the FBI as fugitives.

No word yet on if any of the cases for actions outside Oregon (including that of Briana Waters in Washington)will be rolled into the larger Oregon case, or will be tried separately.

Link to crappy corporate media article with obligatory "blah blah, we got them ecoterrorists, blah blah":
 link to www.lasvegassun.com
seperate districts 06.Apr.2006 19:00

legal beagle

they wont be tried together as they are in different districts.

whether or not these new people will get conspiracy charges in oregon is another matter.

false portrayal by the feds 07.Apr.2006 18:46


The green scare continues -- the false portrayal by the feds of arsonists
and vandals as terrorists. Wise Use's wet dream.

 link to www.upi.com

Security & Terrorism

U.S. charges 4 in 'ecoterror' arson attack

WASHINGTON, April 7 (UPI) -- A federal prosecutor in California has
charged four people with arson and explosives offences dating back to
2001, accusing them of being an eco-terrorist cell.

An indictment Wednesday from U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott charges
Joseph Dibee, 38, Rebecca Rubin, 32, Darren
Thurston, 36, and Justin Solondz, 26, with a partially bungled
arson attack on federal government property -- a facility in Susanville,
Calif., known as the Litchfield Wild Horse and Burro Corrals.

In September and October 2001, according to the indictment, the four
planted firebombs at the facility owned by the Department of Interior's
Bureau of Land Management, which housed wild horses and burros rounded up
from federal land.

Only one of the bombs went off, destroying a barn.

Dibee, Rubin and Thurston already face charges in Oregon, where Dibee is
accused of burning down a slaughterhouse in Redmond and where Thurston is
already in custody. The other three are fugitives.

"Those who would commit acts of terror, such as arson, in the
name of the Earth Liberation Front, and the Animal Liberation Front
should be on notice: Federal law enforcement will do everything in its
capacity to track you down and hold you accountable for your dangerous
behavior," said Scott in a statement.

The indictment brings to 11 the total number of such defendants charged
in three separate cases brought by Scott's office over the past

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