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leafletting at the zoo for paki's birthday "celebration"

leafletting at the zoo this weekend for paki's birthday party
What: Paki's Birthday Celebration at the Zoo this Weekend
When: Saturday and Sunday from 10-4
Why: Because zoos are NO place for elephants and zoo-going families need to realize that cruelty/captivity is NOT entertainment

The zoo-monsters are having a party this weekend to celebrate paki's birthday/imprisonment at our oh-so lovely zoo. Connie and Matt aren't able to be up there so they asked me to try and get something together. So, who's up for it? I'll have the literature and I plan to be there definitely on Saturday and Sunday from 10-12:15. It'd be great to get a few shift-type things going, so there are always two people leafletting (moral support!). I'll make a sort of rough schedule thing and anyone interested should maybe copy/paste in a new post when they plan to help. I think maybe two hour shifts, but whatever works. The free-speech zones are in the parking lot/by the max drop, so I've been told.


10-12pm Sara




10-12pm Sara


Thank You 06.Apr.2006 19:18


Won't be able to make it but I am so very glad that pressure is finally being put on the zoo. Of all the cruelty done to animals the zoos are one of the most despicable. Thank each and every one of you who will be there.

bowzer 07.Apr.2006 17:43


actually, i'm not wasting "all" of my energy. maybe it's the vegan diet that gives me more boundless energy? you should try it! what are all the wonderful things that YOU are doing to fight injustices in iraq? i'd love to be inspired by your own activism, so shoot:

seriously, gimme some ideas!