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Corporate Media says Foxworth Must Go? Then I Support Him.

Apparently, the bOregonian has called for Foxworth's ouster over allegations that he acted inappropriately with a female subordinate. KOIN and KATU have implied as much as well. I was not sure how I felt about all this, because I do not agree with any sexist behavior, yet I have found Foxworth's softer manner to be refreshing after the (gag) Kroeker years. I was also very squeamish about the release of such personal conversations that I really think should have remained private. I think my mind is now made up in favor of the Chief.
If the corporate media is circling their wagons to get someone out of Dodge, I tend to smell a stink. Why are they making such a fuss about this, when they failed to even raise an eyebrow over the shooting death of Vernon Allen? When they maintain to this day that Fouad Kaady, who was unarmed and injured at the time that he was gunned down by two police officers, "had it coming"? Why, when Kendra James was murdered by police, did the corporate media protect the killer by hiding his face and reminding us repeatedly that Kendra was "on drugs anyway"? People actually died at the hands of some very bad officers, and not once did the corporate media even so much as suggest that any of them should be removed from their publically supported jobs. So why, now, are they gunning for Foxworth?

I could not hazard a guess. Unless, perhaps, it is because he is Black, and therefore "too uppity" for them? Or maybe he's not cracking enough heads downtown to keep the homeless people off the streets and the anti-war protesters in make-shift concentration camps, the way Kroeker would have done. Perhaps he has not been deferential enough toward certain downtown business interests. I don't know. But, as was the case when they were gunning for Erik Sten (who may need to grow up, but who they went after for the one thing he had right), I am not falling for it. I urge Mayor Potter to stand behind Foxworth, at least unless some much more damning information comes to light. At this point, it looks for all the world like whatever went on between Foxworth and his accuser was between consenting adults. Fuck the Oregonian. Fuck corporate media manipulation. And fuck the bad taste they've had in publishing his intimate conversations all over the place. Chin up, Foxworth.
I think you got it all wrong... 06.Apr.2006 18:14


Using your power (as a cop, as a supervisor) to get someone to have sex with you, and then threatening to get them fired if you speak out is totally wrong. It's not just "intimate conversations", it's discrimination in the workplace. These fucking cops think they can get away with anything, whether it's tasering someone to death, or fucking someone they supervise on the job. The media may be spinning it all wrong, but what Foxworth did was wrong--he should get canned.

And what is all this shit about things being all better for protestors these days? The cops have not been pepper spraying us every other day because they have not had to. People are not pushing the envelope at all these days. Most marches are permitted, everyone is behaving--even the civil disobedience is completely civil. I would bet anything that if people pushed hard enough, the cops would be cracking skulls again in a heartbeat.

Also, the argument that "the corporate media is on one side, so I must be on the other" is ridiculous.

Fire Him 06.Apr.2006 18:37

Den Mark, Vancouver

Granted, i do not live in Portland, but i think foxworthless should be fired. He retains mentally-ill cops, badged & armed & on patrol, & it does not bother him. He's incompetent, as well as slimy. Remember, this is not the first time he's been at this sex-on-the-job thing, & if two-thirds of the iceberg is below water, then how many other instances have been unreported. If he's the best available to do the job, then your city is in big trouble.

I'm not clear on the specific allegations against Derrick Foxworth, but ... 06.Apr.2006 18:57

I like him personally

I personally have a soft spot in my heart for Derrick Foxworth. At a street gathering of countercultural types few years, ago i was grabbed by a group of cops and beaten. Derrick foxworth personally instructed the other cops to let me go, exhibiting what i felt was a rare bit of good judgment on the part of police.

The fact that the "Power Structure" seeks his ouster leads me to offer my support.

A concerned citizen

Wayward support 07.Apr.2006 10:48


"Using your power (as a cop, as a supervisor) to get someone to have sex with you, and then threatening to get them fired if you speak out is totally wrong."

Yes, it would be, if that's what happened here. But from everything I can see, it is not. I do not think Foxworth should be canned over this. If he is to be fired over something, let it be the tasers on the streets, or the fact that he has never once disciplined any of the cops who have shot and killed innocent, unarmed civilians. But not this.

"And what is all this shit about things being all better for protestors these days?"

Things could surely be better. Yes, our civil rights are still being violated in ways that would have been unimaginable in the America that I grew up in not so long ago. But anyone who has been on the streets for any length of time must admit that things are better under Foxworth than they were with Kroeker. I mean, come on. Were you around a couple of years ago?

I would like to see Foxworth retain his job because he is better than any alternative at this time. And, if he should weather this, perhaps he will remember who had his back through this and who did not. It seems to me that Black Panthers and anarchists and the African American community are standing by him right now. His fellow officers and downtown business interests are not. Maybe he will consider this in the future, when determining whether to punish undisciplined officers who beat, pepper spray, illegally detain, and kill people in the service of their masters.

How are things better under Foxworth? 07.Apr.2006 12:55


Actually, I remember that we were able to do more unpermitted protests, marching through buildings, stuff like that under Kroeker. Kroeker was in charge when thousands of people took over the streets (without a permit) on March 20, 2003. Kroeker was in charge when May Day marches took to the streets (again, without a permit) in 2001 and 2002. In August 2002, we took to the streets without a permit when Bush visited. Yes--things eventually escalated to pepper sprayings and stuff on several of those occasions, but only after hours of us pushing the envelope. I can't remember the last time we took the streets without a permit under Foxworth. Some students tried to on March 19th, and were forced up on the sidewalk. I bet that they think things aren't much better now. I bet the folks out in front of the fur store don't think things are much better now. I bet the families of the several people who have been killed by cops under Foxworth don't think things are any better.

If things seem better now, I place the blame on Portland's activists, who I think have toned it down in recent years.

I don't which anarchists and Blank Panthers are supporting Foxworth right now, but I would argue that they are misguided.

Sexual Impropriety in Law Enforcement 07.Apr.2006 19:13

Don DuPay-candidate for Multnomah County Sheriff dupay05@yahoo.com

Chief Foxworth should never have been promoted to Chief after the $2000.00 cell phone debacle. He should have been charged with "theft' and if convicted, fired. Now..more bad news about him.

What is it about law enforcement officials? This Chief involved in sexual impropriety? And the Sheriff Bernie Giusto condoning sexual impropriety when his boss Neil (the govenor) was serial raping a 14 year old girl?
(and thei're still arresting prostitutes!)
I want to be the new standard of honesty and integrety in law enforcement. I have built my reputation on it.

Elect me Sheriff of Multnomah County and see a new way!

Don DuPay

How are things better? 08.Apr.2006 10:58

to troublemaker

"Kroeker was in charge when thousands of people took over the streets (without a permit) on March 20, 2003."

Um, yeh. Were you actually there? Because I was. I saw a man collapse and get taken away in an ambulance, I saw a 13 year old girl get a rifle (an actual RIFLE, not a "less lethal" weapon) pointed in her face, I saw a woman nearly run over by a tankfull of black-clad pigs, I saw stampedes of ridiculous riot pigs at least once an hour, I saw a man arrested right after being told that if people left now they would not be arrested. (He got up to leave, and was promptly snatched off the street.) I saw people pepper sprayed point-blank in their faces for no reason. I saw grown men and woman crying, I saw little children attacked by cops. I watched in horror as peaceful demonstrators were attacked with explosives while officers laughed, and in the video of the event from indy, I saw a woman shot right off a fence by a so-called "less lethal" gun pointed right at her head and chest. (This has been known to kill people.) So don't tell ME you were "allowed" to go out and demonstrate without a permit under Kroeker. Bullshit. The only reason so many more people were on the streets then is that we TOOK them, we were not "allowed" to have them. As for Foxworth being better or not, the jury is still out. All I know is, I'm not going to be manipulated into helping them lunch him over this. I have talked to him, and although I approached him in a rather confrontational manner (because there are things to be angry about, for sure), he was reasonable and respectful to me. Unlike the sneering, disrespectful ass Kroeker.

Yes 10.Apr.2006 08:52

Den Mark, Vancouver

I was at all major protests in Portland when kroeker-the-frog was chief, & i agree that things were not okay. He & foxworthless were both picked by the same ms katz who thawt it appropriate to send cops to israel for training in military techniques against protesters. Tom Potter needs to pick someone to be chief from outside the present ppb institutional "culture", to reverse the militarization of policing. I won't hold my breath.