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Tre Arrow - Legal Update

Tre's words regarding possible extradition...
April 4th 2006
Legal Update Regarding Tre Arrow

Hello to you all, it's Tre here at Wilkie. I'm doing well, and holding
strong through this 23rd day of my hunger strike. I've received word from
my lawyer that the Minister of Justice, Vic Toews, is postponing his
decision on whether or not to surrender me for extradition. By Monday,
April 24th, we will know his official decision.

Even if he decides to surrender me, this doesn't mean that I'm going to
be swooped away to the states the next day! If the decision is not
favorable, my lawyer will file the necessary paperwork notifying the
Minister of our intention to appeal his decision. This appeal could take a
long time. Therefore, I most likely will not be leaving Canada anytime

Thank you for your continued support, love, prayers, and energy. This
extension gives us all an opportunity to send the minister, and all his
associates, who are deciding my fate, much abundant light and positive
intention to make a just and fair decision.


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Hello to everyone, it's Tre here. The Minister of Justice Vic Toews has announced his decision regarding my extradition to the U.S. He has issued an unconditional surrender order for me to face the arson charges in the state of Oregon. "Unconditionally" means he is not granting our request to get assurances from the U.S. government that I will be treated fairly or that my raw, vegan diet will be honoured while incarcerated in the U.S. Soon I will post all the details regarding our submissions and the Minister's response so everyone may have a clear idea of what is going on. Even though this decision is disappointing to me, I'm not surprised. My lawyer, Tim and I will be immediately filing the necessary paperwork letting the Canadian government know our intention to appeal his decision. I find it quite unfortunate that the powers that be within the Canadian government seem to be unable or unwilling to exercise their own conscience and sever themselves from the political pressure and intimidation from the powers that be to the south. This is true not only for my case, but in the matters pertaining to John Graham, Mark Emery and Al Ruemeyer. This calls to mind Meher Arar and others who have been unlawfully detained in Canada, turned over to the U.S., shipped to other countries and endured intense suffering and torture only later to be found innocent of any wrongdoing.

This is not a sad day. This is actually a joyous day because it is a gorgeous spring day. Birds and other animals are alive and active. I can hear them through the open window of the cell I occupy. Grandfather Sun is beaming down on us through a brilliantly clear blue sky. I am alive, healthy and well. It's a joyous day because I'm not going anywhere! I'm staying in Canada while we appeal the Minister's decision. I'm staying here at Wilkie where my diet is being honoured so I can continue to nourish my body and strengthen my spirit for what lies ahead. I will continue to take whatever action possible to help the truth prevail and ultimately see me free from these walls. It's a joyous day because I am announcing a full-fledged worldwide campaign to achieve vindication for myself. Support for me and my case in Canada and the U.S., as well as throughout the world, continues to grow. This support is not going away, it is only increasing. I am extremely grateful for the family I have around me, including a dedicated and committed defense committee helping me achieve what I need for as long as I need it.

My name is Tre Arrow. I follow a life governed by my conscience and guided by the Essene and Buddhist faiths. Every thought, action, word, food choice and purchase is considered with it's impact to the planet and every living thing. I live a life which incorporates love, respect and peace on every level towards everyone and everything. I do not engage in any form of violence, whether that be physical, mental, emotional, sexual or spiritual.

I am innocent. I am being targeted by the U.S. government and FBI because I have engaged in peaceful, successful civil disobedience opposing the devastation to the sacred ancient forests of this continent. I have become a legitimate threat to government policy and corporate agendas which put profit, power and property above the sanctity of the planet, it's people and all our coinhabitants. The only "evidence" against me in this case is the testimony of the 3 co-accused who plead guilty to these arsons and recieved a sentence of less than 3 1/2 years from a potential 80 year punishment in exchange for implicating me as the "ringleader." I now face the rest of my life in prison for the same exact charges. I challenge the FBI or any other form of government to bring forth one shred of evidence against me (other than the aformentioned testimony of Jake, Jeremy and Angie) which would link me in any way to these or any other arsons. The reality is that there is no other evidence and never will be.

The reality is the government is making a desperate attempt to try to stop and silence me because they see me as a threat. They see me as a threat because I have garnered widespread public support in stopping some of the destruction to sacred ancient forests. I am a threat to multinational corporations because I volunteer with peaceful organizations who cause a loss of profit through successfully cancelling logging sales. Perhaps the biggest threat I pose is that I speak the truth. I speak about the actions and agendas of the governments and corporations who have dedicated much energy and time to maintaining their power and control over the planet, its resources and the wealth of the world. I speak the truth that unravels the web of lies in which our governments and the multinational corporations have been trapping us our whole lives. This challenges their control, power and wealth and they don't like that. Well, I have news for you all: As long as I am breathing, whether I am incarcerated or not, I will continue to speak the truth! The powers that be can only surpress the truth for so long before it explodes into a shining beam of light which noone can deny is the path to health, love, happiness, justice, equality and peace for everyone and everything. We are creating peace on earth, one word one action and one day at a time. I will be vindicated, I will be free!


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